BlizzCon Diablo 3 T-Shirt teasing an expansion or something else?

Blizzard has just launched their BlizzCon early access sale and it comes with a new Diablo shirt. The T-Shirt is called “Realms of Evil” which could either be a generic slogan for it or perhaps a hint at something new.

Diablo realms of Evil

Going on the name alone, it kind of sounds like a compilation of numerous games so perhaps the idea of remastered Diablo 2 is still possible. Maybe a bundle of all three games? It could also be the title of a new expansion. This is of course pure speculation and the name could simply be generic.

What do you think?


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  1. “[…] could either be a generic slogan for it or […]”

    When joined by “III”, everything Diablo-related is probably best described as generic.

    I wouldn’t read too much into it. The artwork was amongst the 2012 release promo material, so it’s not exactly new. It’s more than likely Blizzard celebrating their beloved franchise by not caring enough to commission any new artwork. Looking back at the original D3 logo design (not the RoS one), it becomes clear that “realm vs realm” (angelic vs demonic) has been a major theme for the game.

    I’d also like to remind that the “future D3 expansions” topic is pretty much dead since the moment they felt the need to poll their customers directly about it (aka last-ditch effort). Also, while remastering in general would be a perfect fit for Blizzard’s product policy of endlessly regurgitating the ’95-’06, keep in mind that most of their sequels/games from the last decade have already been ast least 80% source material or a failure if not.

    • You’re right, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch are all failures.

    • Do you always rant bitter garbage, or is this a special day?

      That artwork is new artwork, btw. Suggesting that a company obsessed with marketing and presentation perfection would in some way “skimp” on a Diablo t-shirt? I mean… you must be trolling, or you’re… ill?

  2. That image is in the Diablo III art book “Book of Caine” and the heading of the section is “Realms of Evil.” The book is like, 6 years old. I am really surprised no one else noticed this.

    They had a piece of art, and that title best describes its initial appearance. It’s not an Easter Egg.

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