@Diablo provided a cruelly teasing note about what’s going into the playable demo at this year’s Blizzcon.

    We’re in full BlizzCon mode and nailing down what will be seen in the playable demo. Best. BlizzCon. Ever.—Diablo

    Obviously, the stuff in the demo will be quite up to date and interesting. One might hope for skill runes and new resource types and the latest skill improvements, etc. It’s cruel to let us know though, since tickets sold out what, 2 months ago? So either you already know you’re going and can’t wait, or you know you’re not going and want to kill the people who are. Yeah, there’s that virtual ticket, but it won’t let you actually play the game, sadly.

    On the bright side, this demo will probably be pretty cool when they blow off the cobwebs and bring it to Gamescom 2011, and some SC2 tournament event in Austin in July of next year…

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