Here is a concise summary of most of the information contained in the Blizzcon D3 gameplay panel, excluding the PvP and Demon Hunter information that has already been covered in detail.

    – Passive Skills
    – Trait “points” Gained as you level (like skill points)
    – Alter Core Attributes and mechanics of the class
    – Every class has roughly 30 traits, and each trait has a 5 point cap.
    – Example trait – Barbarian “Inner Rage”: Reduces the rate of Fury lost and increases Fury gained for hitting the same target.

    – Dedcated inventory for charms (eliminates choice between charm power boosts and storage space)
    – Charms allow you to customize your core attributes.

    – Customize your active skills
    – 5 types of skill runes:

    • Crimson
    • Indigo
    • Obsidian
    • Golden
    • Alabaster

    – Each rune has 7 ranks, ranks increase as you play.

    • Normal (stone): Ranks 1, 2, 3
    • Nightmare (silver): Ranks 4, 5
    • Hell (gold): Ranks 6, 7

    – Rune leveling example: A level-one rune applied to the wizard

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