Blizzard has posted the winners for their various Blizzcon contests. Check the winners page to see who won the Fan Art, Movie, Original Song, Costume, Sound Alike, and Dance contests. There are pictures of a lot of the winners, and while most of it’s WoW-related, a few talented fans took them on with Diablo-themed entries, and won!

    Actually, DefiledVisions, the fan art contest winner posted his entry back in August, and let us know he’d won several weeks ago. But that’s no reason not to enjoy the pictorial evidence of their triumphs anew! His is the thumbnail to the right; click it to see it full-sized and scroll down to the comments to see his notes on art technique and inspiration. You can also find more of his non-Diablo work on his DA page.

    Also, regular readers got a look at Rainyia’s winning DiabloWikiMistress of Pain costume while it was still under construction.  You can see the finished product in the 2009 Blizzcon costume contest gallery, (along with some mad cows!) and if you want more of Rainyia’s cosplay work, see her her MySpace page.

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