You may have had your fill of Blizzcon reports and previews but there is still room for this.  The guys at IncGamers have pored over hours and hours of their footage and put together this neat video of the best bits from the show.  There’s some funny stuff in there too and a couple sweary words (be warned) from the everso fab Jay Mohr.  Also some cool footage of our own Rainyia strutting her (winning) stuff in the costume contest.  My tip to you though would be to hit ‘pause’ after it begins to play and let it all load up first or it’ll just ‘kangaroo’ all the way through it.

    I’m told that the last video, (soon to be completed) features more from fans so if you were filmed at the show you might want to see if you made the cut and got your mug on the TV.  We’ll report that one as soon as it’s made available.

    > Watch Blizzcon Best Bits Video.

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