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This isn’t specific to Diablo 3, but on the Press CDs given out at Blizzcon, there are a bunch of screenshots of what the various aspects of 2.0 (friend list, chat, game creation, etc) may look like when you connect through Starcraft 2, as well as a FAQ about the coming upgrades to Blizzard’s game hosting service/social network. Here’s the FAQ, which addresses common concerns about the upcoming changes/upgrades. The last question concerns Diablo 3, but is met with a predictable, “Can’t say yet” reply.

I couldn’t find a handy one-folder collection of the photos so I uploaded them here. None of the 15 images feature anything Diablo-y, but they show how the friends list, in-game accomplishments, and other features will look in SC2. From that you may extrapolate some D3 knowledge?

Click through to read the whole official FAQ. FAQ

What is the new
We are building the new to be the premier online gaming destination.  The new experience is a full-featured online game service designed specifically around Blizzard Entertainment titles, and will include a complete set of around-the-game features including a state-of-the-art matchmaking system, achievement system, social networking features, structured competitive play options, a marketplace, and much more. Our vision is to create an environment where gamers can compete online, develop an online persona, and stay connected to friends and the rest of the community while enjoying our games. In doing this, the new will deliver the ultimate social and competitive experience for Blizzard Entertainment gamers everywhere.

What is the history of was the world

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