Update: Giving this a repost since we’d like to get some more live chat volunteers. We’ve got half a dozen so far, but MOAR would be great. It’ll be a long weekend. See the threads below for more details.

    With the crazy busy rush of Blizzcon approaching, we’re looking for some site readers who’d like to help out with the news, and who would like to be mods in the live chat we’ll be running during Blizzcon. Check out the thread for more details, and get involved! It’s more fun than just watching; I assure you.

    Also, we’ve got a new thread asking what you’d like to learn from those of us who will be playing the demo at Blizzcon. Be sure you view this if you’re going to the show, since people are adding their requests, and it’s helpful to have “I’m going to pay attention to _____” thoughts in mind before you get all caught up in the fun of playing,

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