Here’s another half dozen new pieces of Diablo 3 artwork, taken from the big batch of photos I took of the Blizzcon Art Gallery. There’s a variety of eye candy in this update, including a mysterious (and sadly blurry) flying fire-demon-thing. I also like the concept art of the population, wagons, and architecture of Caldeum, but my favorite is the full version of the Barbarian seen in closeup in the official Blizzcon artwork.


    I love this image, which we saw on life-sized posters in the media interview rooms at Blizzcon. Let’s hope Blizzard releases this one in full digital quality at some point, since this photo doesn’t do justice to the great detail, especially of the Diablo (?) skull underfoot. And what’s that leaning, chain-draped tower behind the Barbarian? Better image quality, plz. 

    Update: It’s been pointed out that this poster was sold in the Blizzard Store at Blizzcon. Perhaps someone who bought one will be good enough to scan it and post it for all to see?


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