Here’s the third (of six) installment of photos from the Blizzcon Art Gallery. Today’s update brings a bunch more desert concept art, with buildings, a wrecked wagon (seen in a quest in the Blizzcon demo), and even a variety of baskets. Yes, baskets. There’s also a weird toxic swamp monster, and a very cool piece of monster concept art. Click it (to the right) to see it very large, but still not quite large enough to make out the cryptic writing all around the border.

    Speaking of cryptic writing,check out the mysterious journal page below. There were 4 such pages posted in a 2×2 square, without explanation, in this year’s Blizzcon art gallery. This one had the most writing, but it’s in no language I can read. YMMV.


    This big one is some kind of weird desert swamp/tar pit concept, that really needs to be viewed at the largest size (click it) to appreciate the details. And the weird smog monster crawling out to take a bite of something inedible at the bottom.


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