Another day, another half dozen new concept pieces photographed at the Blizzard Art Museum at last week’s Blizzcon convention. As with the first update of these, apologies for some of the blurriness or reflections, but it’s unavoidable having to photograph them through plexiglass, at an angle, in the dark.

    Most of the new artwork in the museum was environmental concept art, and most of that was fairly mundane images of the sorts of houses and vehicles players saw in the desert Borderlands areas in this year’s Blizzcon build. You’ll see a number of those pieces in each of these updates, but I’m mixing in some of the character and monster art as well, each time. Click and enjoy.


    All of the images are available in very large sized images, so click through to see them full sized. We’ve got another two dozen yet to post, and we’ll run another six each day next week,



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