Last year at Blizzcon, I happened to venture into the Blizzard Art Museum on the show floor, and was surprised to see a ton of never-before-seen Diablo 3 concept art. I quickly got to snapping, and after the show it took 4 updates to get it all online, sorted into monsters, characters, NPCs, and environments. With that memory clinging to the remnants of my convention-fried mind, I made sure to visit the Art Museum again this year, and found similar treasures on offer.

    There were a huge number of new pieces of art, including monsters, characters, NPCs, and lots of environments, mostly from the desert area that debuted in the D3 show demo. The art was great to look at, but hell to record for posterity. The pieces were dimly lit by spot lights, and were about a foot behind a front wall of plexiglass, making any straight on flash photos impossible. I had to take every shot from a weird sideways angle, then repair the images in Photoshop. Thankfully, the original art is good enough to endure through such disrespectful treatment, as you’ll see when you click the following links. Click through the larger versions; most of the shots are 1000 pixels or more in width. Apologies for some that are a bit blurry or marred by reflection; my camera isn’t that great in the darkness.

    I’m going to post the shots in groups of six, a half dozen each weekday, running into next week. Each update will have a variety of types of images, since frankly, half of them are sketches of desert buildings, and I don’t think too many of you guys would be all, “Oh goodie! Another dilapidated wagon with a cow skull nearby!” Also, DiabloWikiLeah‘s a hottie. Also part two: you’ll want to see the DiabloWikiBelial image next week. Trust me on that one.


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