Just when it looked like we’d seen a fatal downturn in the post-Blizzcon D3 news, today brought a good half-passel (which is slightly more than a third-bushel) of new stuffs.

    • The Orange County Register’s gaming blog has posted a write up of an (exclusive?) interview they had with Jay Wilson. They quote Jay talking about “customization,” of the world, characters, and more. There’s frustratingly little here we’ve not heard a million times before, and it’s unclear if they actually had a full interview. If so, did it really boil down to such a superficial (for we hardcore fans) handful of paragraphs? Where’s the actual transcript, boys?
    • The LA Times has posted a short article about “last weekend’s Blizzcon,” with the requisite photos of cosplaying girls in purple body paint. (Now you’re going to click, even though you’ll eventually regret it.)
    • For a change of venue, if not game, PC Games Hardware posted their Top 15 Games of Gamescom. Both D3 and SC2 feature in the top 10.
    • Joystiq posted “A Horde of Diablo 3 info” which reminds me what the WoW fans could be heard shouting for in the streets below my hotel room at midnight, but is actually a delayed write up of the Characters and Monsters panel from Day One of Blizzcon. Yes, there’s a lot of info, and you’ll enjoy reading it a lot more if you’ve somehow missed the seven other news items we’ve already posted about that panel. They also posted an article about the Monk, and like the other one, you’ll enjoy it more the less you already know.
    • Someone somehow found a video of Ed Trotta, the actor who provided the voice of Tyrael in Diablo II, singing Hotel California to acoustic guitar accompaniment. No, really. Bashiok even approved of this message. I don’t detect any real similarities, but of course the voice of Tyrael was processed and synthesized and given reverb, etc.While this video is a curiosity at best, I would eagerly click a link to hear Tyrael singing Hotel California. That over the Deckard Cain Rap any day!
    • In other news, we missed posting about this back in July, but thanks to a forum post reminder, we’d like to belatedly point out that David Brevik, creator of the Diablo series and Lead Designer of D1 and D2, as well as Hellgate: London, has started anew as the lead designer on the upcoming Marvel Comics MMORPG. No details of the game or their plans to compete as a “next gen” MMO, have yet been revealed, nor were any slipped when Dave participated in a panel discussion at the recent San Diego Comic Con. Dave has long been a friend of the site and very generous with his time, and we with him all the best in his future endeavors.

    “Tyrael” sings Hotel California, a song that is always, 24 hours a day, playing on some LA area radio station. Though probably in Spanish.

    The infamous Deckard Cain rap.

    Disclaimer: Diii.net takes no responsibility for your inability to even un-hear either of these musical efforts. Click “play” at your own risk.

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