We’re far enough out now that the Blizzcon reporting is drying up. (Lucky you guys, that our big Blizzcon D3 features are just getting started!) If you missed them, here are the first, second, and third post-Blizzcon news wraps, but there’s not a lot of new stuff to include in this 4th one. Well, that’s not entirely true; there are literally dozens of uninformative articles on various gaming news sites, all of which seem shocked to learn (re: Jay Wilson’s “violence” interview with Wired) that most European and Asian markets force cuts in the violence in games. Who didn’t know that already? And here I thought jokes about too much red blood in German games being bad news for Poland’s sovereignty were old five years ago?

    My complaints and obscure joking references aside, I did find a few items worth mentioning today

    Though Blizzcon is over, Blizzard is still updating their 3 Twitter feeds. The @Diablo one is still asking for feedback and commentary from fans, and they’ve been throwing in a few links to useful community feature, including one to our recent Monk skill wrap up and another pointing to Joystiq’s massive Blizzcon costume contest gallery.

    The Kotaku blog subject wheel must have come up on the seldom-touched “be critical” space, since they’ve got a short article about the Witch Doctor, and how he’s maybe not entirely the bestest thing ever since sliced bread.  No love!

    I honestly have no idea what this piece (sort of?) about Blizzcon, posted on the Kansas City Examiner, is about. Other than serving as some sort of PSA against dropping acid before submitting a gaming convention article. Srsly. WTH?

    The Mtv MP Blog is deep in the grips of the newly contagious, “we’ve got a Twitter account so we have to find some excuse to make it seem even borderline useful” sickness, so they ran a lunchtime vote about which Blizzard game you’d want finished tomorrow, if you could wave a magic mouse and make it so. It looks like Starcraft 2 won? Narrowly beating out Lost Vikings.

    Given the general quality of today’s offerings, let’s hope this post Blizzcon news slowdown turns into a news stop. That’ll give us more time to finish up the char skill articles, and I know you guys want to read those more than these sorts of links anyway!

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