BlizzCon 2019 Tickets on Sale Early May

BlizzCon 2019 Tickets on Sale Early May

Now I know many of you would rather forget Blizzcon 2018, it was a disaster for the Diablo franchise. Hopefully by now, you will all have purchased a phone. Blizzard has today revealed the release dates for the BlizzCon 2019 tickets.

BlizzCon 2019 takes place 1-2 November and tickets are going on sale on 4 May and 9 May. There will be the usual mad dash for tickets but whether Diablo players are excited by the prospect of another poor showing for the franchise remains to be seen.

New for this year is the BlizzCon Portal Pass which grants the following:

– The BlizzCon Portal Pass is your gateway to an array of extras, including access to the Darkmoon Faire area on the eve of BlizzCon for a special “Night at the Faire.” It also comes with convenient perks such as preferred parking, separate registration and security lines, an option to be among the first to enter the show on Friday and Saturday, a dedicated lounge for taking a load off during BlizzCon, and more.

Sounds super exciting right? If you are looking to attend here are the times you need attempt to get tickets and the page you need to head to is here

  • BlizzCon Ticket Sale #1: Saturday, May 4 – 19:00 CEST (10:00 PDT)
  • BlizzCon Ticket Sale #2: Thursday, May 9 – 04:00 CEST (Wednesday, May 8 – 19:00 PDT)



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    5 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2019 Tickets on Sale Early May

        • ^^ lol

          I think this year they will actually announce D4, and if not, they will lose A LOT of hardcore Diablo fans to other franchises like POE and upcoming ARPG IPs.

          The damage D3 did to the D1 and D2 fans is massive, and if D4 wont attempt to repair that damage then it’s over for good.

          Who knows, maybe Blizzard doesnt want “Hardcore Franchise Fans”, and they want casual noobsauces all over the globe instead, that are eager to waste money in pay-to-win micro-transactions so they don’t have to play the game so much.

          Its the end of real ARPGs like D2, where you hard to grind and work for the best items and the highest character levels. D3 is just the beginning of a massive noob-fest of ridiculous proportions.

          • There is really no excuse to NOT cater to the hard core Diablo Fanbase with the next PC Diablo because Blizzard already will have the console version of Diablo, and of course everyones favorite, the mobile version. The latter versions, especially the mobile one are obviously for more casual players.

            If they push a watered down version of a PC diablo then its clear that Blizzard has really lost it.

            The real issue though is the head start that GGG has had with POE, and the huge mega-patch that is coming this fall right around the time of Blizzcon, which Blizzard needs to nail to even have a chance to compete.

            This is really Blizzards last chance.

            • Of course there is an excuse! C-c-c-chinaa players, as one orange person said once.

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