BlizzCon 2019 Key Art & Virtual Ticket Availability

BlizzCon 2019 Key Art & Virtual Ticket Availability

Over the past couple of weeks Blizzard revealed the Key Art for Blizzcon 2019. With the reveal of the Key Art Blizzard also revealed that next month the Virtual Tickets will be available.

Here’s the Blizzcon 2019 Key Art featuring the Barbarian in the middle sporting less ridiculous wow-sized shoulders and just looking overall awesome.

Blizzcon 2019 Full Key Art

Let us what you think of the Key Art in the Comments & the Forums.

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    1 thought on “BlizzCon 2019 Key Art & Virtual Ticket Availability

    1. While its nice to see some representation, I think its important to mute any expectations until the actual event comes out. Last year will be a very painful memory for almost the whole Diablo community. I wonder if Immortal would have actually released by now .. or any news on it if it didn’t get that negative reaction.

      They have a lot of work to try to rebuild my trust and I’m sure many others. I went from being super excited at the Diablo3 annoucement, buying a collecters edition before. By Reaper of Souls I got the regular game a few months later. By the necro pack I was so ambivilent it was actually a friend that gifted it to me.

      If there is a Diablo4 coming, they have a big job to convince me to buy. A much bigger job to get me to trust to preorder and I think collectors is out of the question now for me.

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