If you prefer to watch BlizzCon from the luxury of your own home then the virtuial ticket is the answer. Today Blizzard revealed all the goodies that will be made available for those that stump up for a ticket.

    Diablo players will be given the Diablo III – Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet – “Celebrate two decades of terror with this anniversary-themed Diablo pet, based on the Dark Lord’s design from the original game.*

    blizzcon 2016

    Read on for all the other stuff for other Blizzard games.


    Every BlizzCon®, we give out a treasure trove of in-game goodies to attendees and Virtual Ticket holders to commemorate the occasion. Take look at what you’ll get for your favorite Blizzard games when you join us for BlizzCon 2016.

    World of Warcraft® – Legionnaire Murky & Knight-Captain Murky


    There comes a time when every murloc must choose a side. Will you mrglgglllgl for the Horde alongside Legionnaire Murky, or dive into battle for the Alliance at Knight-Captain Murky’s command?

    Overwatch® – BlizzCon 2016 Bastion Skin


    A curious automaton has been spotted exploring the halls of a local gaming convention. Cosplay as a BlizzCon-bound Bastion unit in your next match of Overwatch with this commemorative skin.*

    Diablo® III – Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet


    Celebrate two decades of terror with this anniversary-themed Diablo pet, based on the Dark Lord’s design from the original game.*

    Hearthstone® – Welcome Inn Card Back


    Pull up a chair by the fireside at BlizzCon’s Hearthstone Tavern, then play a few hands with this year’s convention-innspired card back.

    Heroes of the Storm® – Nexus Tiger Mount


    Introducing the latest BlizzCon mount to add to your menagerie—the Nexus Tiger! Dash onto the Battlegrounds riding this ferocious beast and show the opposing team they’re in for a fight.

    StarCraft® II – Mystery Goodies


    Show your opponents you were at BlizzCon with a new portrait—and as a bonus, be among the first to unlock a fun new piece of upcoming StarCraft II content.† Stay tuned for more details!

    This cache of in-game goodies will be available to you when you join us for BlizzCon 2016 via the Virtual Ticket or in person (just redeem the Digital Bonuses code you received when you purchased your tickets).

    They’ll be unlocked in-game closer to the show—stay tuned for more information, and we’ll see you at BlizzCon!

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    *Diablo III in-game content for PC/Mac version only. To redeem Overwatch in-game content for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, players must link their Battle.net account to a PlayStation Network® account or Xbox Live® account respectively. For more information on account linking, visit this Support article.

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