BlizzCon 2016 Schedule Revealed – Light on Diablo sections

blizzon 2016Blizzard has posted the BlizzCon 2016 schedule this evening revealing panels and all kinds of tournaments over the two days.

As you’d expect, the schedule is packed with World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and StarCraft events and then at the end of the first day there is the Diablo 20th Anniversary section which reads:

“Join the Diablo III development team for a look back on two decades in Sanctuary, and get a first look at our plans to celebrate the occasion.”

Ont the second day there is the Diablo Art and Design panel and a Dev Talk / Q&A at 4PM.

Right now we have no idea what’s in store for the opening ceremony as far as announcements are concerned but it’s not looking great for Diablo again this year. We can only hope that the 20th Anniversary event brings something new.

Check out the full schedule here.

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  1. Maybe they’ll have a tavern you can get a drink at? 😉

  2. How is this not looking great…? Obviously they announce the new diablo project at the end of the first day and the second day will be panels discussing it. What am I missing here?

    • “what am I missing?” Um, reality?

      I assume you’re being sarcastic, but look at the past 10 blizzcons and how any new announcement was followed up. Hint, it wasn’t with some throw away art panel the next day.

  3. 20th anniversary is going to be… a video that encompasses the following.

    1) “Haha, look at Diablo, it was going to be a clay-mation game. Haha.”
    2) “But look at how awesome it was, we’re the best.”
    3) “Diablo 2? Let’s focus on the 3D models that Diablo 3 was going to look like. Haha, look at that garbage.”
    4) “Oh speaking of Diablo 3 (y’know, the game that we ACTUALLY built here in the Sauth), it was this such ambitious game and we wanted to focus on various ways to rake in money. Unfortunately, the Auction House was a failure, but we quickly swept that under the rug and played off our honesty as nobility, *now laughing* eh-vhen thoh-hoho we haha- we just complehehehehetly ignho-hored ou.. Hehe.. OUR PLAYER BASE AND THOSE WHO GAVE HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAH! LEGITMATE… *now serious* reasons not to have the auction house and, well, anyways, Jay Wilson yada yada yada, Reaper of Souls thank god and now here we are.
    See guys? Look at this sheer amount of commitment we have to our games. I mean, gosh darnit. Who can complete. I mean really. Look at this. We’re so god damn f(*&^ing awesome and you know what?
    WWWWWWWWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *sea-sawing hand* juuust might feel like making another expansion or something but let me tell you, THE FUTURE, my friend, the future. Looks. Just. Awesome. For… diia-FRAMS! Because people are going to be breathless once again, at how little content we want to put into a game. And we profusely reluctant to allow players in the Diablo franchise to draw too many similarites from past Diablo installments, because, well, we didn’t actually technically make them, only signed off on them, but we still take full, and complete credit. Even though, yes, Diablo 3 was a failure, but you won’t catch me denying that it’s not a little bit less of a failure than it was! That’s for sure, hue hue hue, let me tell you.”

    *Blizzard logo*
    *optimistically enthusiastic crowd claps a little bit and gives a few whistles here and there*

  4. i guess i am in the minority who looks at this and is optimistic. not sure what people were expecting? was the expectation for 10 hours of diablo panels? most people are saying this spells bad news for diablo but i look at it and am sure we will get an announcement for something new like D2HD, D3 xpac, or D4.

  5. Blizzard seems to be really done with Diablo. I don’t think the D3 team had any passion for it other than JWilson, and his passion was a nightmare. They will probably do something else in the realm of Diablo eventually, but not another full-release game. It won’t be an MMO cuz that would compete with WoW, so expect something like a mobile game or another genre using Diablo’s assets. My guess is nothing significant announced this year.

  6. Why would you have a party when they latest news of recent has indicated ‘maintenance mode’. That doesn’t make me want to hit the tavern & celebrate. Rather it makes me want to hit the tavern to quickly forget Blizzard doesn’t give a f*ck about franchise anymore.

    I just don’t understand what the conversations will entail. I found the lightening talks of recent years to be patronizing and ignorant at best, often leaving me with the impression devs weren’t playing D3 themselves anymore.

  7. well they just did a WoW movie

    maybe next is a Dialbo movie

  8. Can’t conclude anything exciting from the descriptions. Seems they still want to produce content for Diablo III, which to me personally is pointless.

    Maybe there is room for an announcement of a remastered Diablo II, but while very nice, isn’t what I want either. I want a new Diablo game, back to the roots. But with Wyatt Cheng and Kevin Maartens still there, I have no hope for that.

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