Watch the BlizzCon 2016 Opening Ceremony here

BlizzCon DiabloBlizzCon 2016 is about to kick off in Anaheim so get ready for any big announcements during the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony is always free to watch so click through to watch it as it happens with us here at Diabloii.Net.

Flux will be at BlizzCon for the next couple of days and should there be any big Diablo news, he’ll be on-hand to find out more. Click through to watch the opening ceremony which starts at 11AM PST / 6PM GMT.

Flux sent over a couple of shots of the convention centre before it went mental.

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  1. thanks for the info. I’m actually watching the WC tournament. just biding my time until the opening ceremony.

    according to the schedule, the Diablo franchise gets approx. 2 hours in the whole Blizzcon event!

    so much love for their best-selling product.


  2. Not a single word about Diablo so far. Boo effing hoo :'(

  3. Nothing Diablo in the opening ceremony. Time to take a dump, I think.

  4. Diablo 1, 16 levels dungeon, available in a patch for Diablo 3 confirmed!

    Available on the PTR next week!

    Next year 2 additional zones added (for RoS; for free)

    Character class Necromancer in 2017!

  5. Nice! Diablo 1 recreated in D3 for free in a patch, 2 new zones and we get a necromancer class next year? That’s pretty cool in lieu of an actual expansion or D4. Color me surprised.

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