Blizzcon 2015 Ticket Edit Deadline

Blizzard reminds us that the deadline to edit the info on your Blizzcon tickets is coming up later this week.

If you purchased BlizzCon 2015 tickets for family or friends during the general attendee or Benefit Dinner sale, just a reminder you have until Friday, August 14 at 8 p.m. PT to edit attendee information via your Eventbrite account, including:

  • Full name of each attendee — this name will be used at badge pick-up, and will also be printed on badges
  • Valid email address for each attendee — used to receive BlizzCon-related communications
  • Character name (optional)—to be printed on the badge
  • To edit attendee names and emails, log in to your Eventbrite account at, select Tickets from the drop-down menu under your profile name in the top right. Next, click Manage Order next to your BlizzCon 2015 ticket order. You can view and edit attendee info from this page.

    You have to have a name that matches your photo ID to pick up your badge, but never after that. The security guards check your badge to get inside, and you need a press badge to access the media areas, but after you pick it up you never again need photo ID to match the pass. Many people get 4 or 5 badges with the same name, and then give them to their friends or their re-sales, etc.

    There’s no official word on Blizzcon 2015 show contents yet, but obviously most of us have high hopes for Diablo 3 Expansion #2 at the show. If not that, at least we know there will be a Murloc Goblin digital prize, of some sort…

    Anyone going to Blizzcon this year? Tickets already in hand? Hotel reservations made? Excite?

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    1. that time of the year has came again when i wish i was american…

    2. Thanks for the reminder, i totally forgot.  i am really hoping D3 will be one of the main events this year.  Unlike the past couple where it was just an after thought.

    3. I hope that all this content will be available for Digital Ticket as well. BTW: Does anybody remember when they were on sale last year ?

      • They always make the digital goodies available with the pay per view purchase, and that'll be news when it's available. With the show a month later than usual this year, it won't be for a while yet.

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