Blizzcon 2015 Schedule and Floor Map Officially Released

Blizzard officially released their schedule for Blizzcon 2015 and it looks like Diablo 3 still has that single time slot. Though now it is no longer “Diablo III Dev Talk”.

Blood and Treasure – New Content and Features for Reaper of Souls

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM PST

It also looks like there are some Diablo III Fireside chats going on at the voice actors stage both days as well.

Schedule: FridaySaturday

Here’s the Floormap.

Blizzcon 2015 Floor Map

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  1. is PvP a possibility here?

  2. so….. no expansion… yet? : (

    Best of luck/care to Flux, wherever he is!

  3. Short but sweet hopefully.

  4. A release of D3X2 close to their cash cow WoW: Legion (TBR in spring/summer 2016) would inevitably have a more than negative effect on the WOWX6 sales/subs. Black Sheep indeed. On the plus side: They might have scrapped their expansion 2 plans in favor of Diablo 4, and we’ll get all that content for free now.

  5. “On the plus side: They might have scrapped their expansion 2 plans in favor of Diablo 4, and we’ll get all that content for free now.”

    Yeah, that’s possible. Kanai’s cube and the Ruins of Sescheron did seem like expansion-worthy content.

    The storyline as well seems to suggest that somehow the player character is going to be the big evil in the next instalment, which is pretty hard to imagine how that would work in-game.

  6. I had to look long and hard at the map to find the word ‘Diablo’ …

  7. Kinda sad for the diablo fans out there who only bought a ticket(virtual or irl) for some interresting diablo news…

  8. What D4 are you talking about Nobbie? D4 wont come live before 2022 min. So we have to get at least 2 more D3 exp. And one more thing, Blizzard doesn’t give anything for free!

  9. So the only D3 content at Blizzcon is going to be The season 5 preview? Bleh. Looks like they’ll be previewing the updates to class specific sets, debuting the usual new treasure goblin & some repainted bees & quill friends.

    Makes sense… I don’t think the D3 team is large enough at the moment to handle the season tweaks & the expansion at the same time & the other teams were busy with SC2 & WoW. Not to mention Hearthstone & HoTS.

  10. I am disappointed, this was my first blizzcon ticket purchase, and I have big time buyer’s remorse. I’m not really interested in any of the other properties. Even if they’re not going to announce anything big, they couldn’t find more to do about Diablo?

    I still hope somehow they will pull a big surprise out of nowhere, but really sad panda right now.

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