Blizzcon 2015 Schedule

According to website MMO-Champion the Blizzcon 2015 Schedule was briefly shown but not officially released showing us some of the plans that would be going on. Sadly there is only one panel for Diablo 3 this year (that we know of).

Diablo III – Dev Talk

Friday – 3:30 PM PST to 4:30 PM PST (Panel Stage, Hall A)

Join the Diablo development team to learn about new zones, new sets and legendary powers, new monsters, new features and more.

They also have images of the schedule so check for them after the break for the full view.

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  1. Epic Cosplay and You? Machinima? I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of those is a placeholder for something unannounced. Diablo III Dev Talk is also a suspiciously generic title.

  2. Failing that, at least D3 is well represented on the voice actor panels!

  3. If they were to announce something they would do so on the main stage. It may still happen but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Blizzard have put Diablo 3 on the back burner, look at how much time is being spent on their other cash cows, while D3 gets a measly one hour panel.

  5. Sad… Even a half assed expansion would generate millions of box sales at this point.

  6. Argh. Please stop it with the new sets & legendaries already please! There’s waaay too many items in the game as is, & still too many that do absolutely nothing except eat up loot table space! They need to make it their goal NOT to release any new items until all the old legendary and set items are balanced! They’ve been promising this since Patch 2.0 & instead they keep feeding us goblins & repainted bees & quill fiends!

    • I agree completely. Crusader needs a total class overhaul, and we need another class. I am beyond bored.

      • I’m making a wild prediction for the new class: It’ll be of the Ranger type and its skill choices will heavily reflect upon additional damages and effects done only to specific monster types …

        Though the panel description only speaks for the next big patch on the horizon, aka more different flavored coatings to all the same popcorn.

  7. I agree with ADest and martymart there are to may items at the moment and the worst thing is that more than 90 % of them are useless whatever class you play and even a few of them could be usefull if you are Lucky when yuu upgrade them, you have no place for them in stash?? Imo its still a big problem and even we have begged and ask for more Space all we get is more items. In first diablo I play Barb in D2 Druid and now in D3 DH and theirfor maybe a new class.Last patch was not that good and the new “cube” well im not impressed at all it seems like the devs are running out of ideas. In d2 there was many ways to make you items better gems , Jewels and ect. In all these years there have been change in diablo but minor changes and some of the “expansions” was only a big new patch but you have to pay for them!! If you look at the Progress in WoW it a World difference and maybe the really reason for that is that you have to pay for this game.If diablo 3 or Reaper of soul was a game you should pay for Im sure we would see huge Progress imo it seems like blizzard had forgot that daiblo was the main reason that they become such a big industri and maybe it was also the reason that old devs run like hell from bkizzard tired to not get the possibility to make diablo better and greater. in thee old day you could play solo and Pvp and multiplayer and make Progress. now the devs want us to be social and play in partys and did it Works no, if you not are min para lvl 750 you get kicked out of every game you join and are not able to make any Progress at all or find decent items. i know that many will disagree with me but at last when we have AH all get a chance to get good items and a chance to advance in the game, Yes Im an old grumpy man atm.

  8. Anyone else get the feeling the “Dev Talk” is only on the schedule to keep Diablo from being left out of the conference entirely?

  9. Remember that until this day, Blizzard still haven’t published any separate sales figures for the expansion. Instead, they held a “You up for more?” poll of which we never heard anything of again. Given how much they just love to boast with their sales and customers’ demand, you shouldn’t be too surprised about not getting an announcement anytime soon.

    • Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson… Though, after the sponsoring news and Blizz letting themselves being drawn openly onto the muddy fields of political disputes in the clear role of a potential sacrificial lamb thrown into the fire, where threading the needle between enemies and frenemies becomes essential to not being burned by either side, I sincerly doubt that. On the contrary I’m of the opinion that the PR crew doesn’t even realize, how way out of their league they now are …

      They may not even have seen yet, that with this one action they’ve trashed most of the pieces of respect from longterm fans of the diablo-series (: Or the developer as a whole: Can’t speak for the other franchises…) still there, they’ve painfully been able to restore after the vanilla release PR desaster. Blizz just keeps being calvinistic about going into the wrong direction, despite all protestations to the contrary. *grumbles*

      Looks like the corporate side finally succeded in manouvering Blizzard into a textbook, McKenzie style devils trap position, getting milked for political gain to the financial breaking point, restructured and rationalized over and over restore a bit of financial leeway while being milked purely for rightsholders interests even further, until finally being broken up in parts that’ll then be sold to the highest bidders.

      Am deeply disappointed once again.

        • Where emotions are in play, drama is never far away…

        • So then let’s go being dramatic and paint a picture of what it probably means for the players:

          Blizzard: DRM? Hell Yeah!!! We love Always On!!

          Microsoft: We give you money to help us destroying the torrent protocol by picking up Avalanche instead.
          Blizzard: We can save bandwidth and get money for it? Where’s our money!!

          Community: Modability???
          Blizzard: Only if we can find a way to profit from it. In your own interest, to only deliver you the best fun game experience ever, of course.

          ESA: If you want to stay our friend, you have to do more against Piracy(tm)! And you know you want to stay our friend.
          Blizzard BNet2.1: Posting in favor of illegal(tm) filesharing or linking to such, are cause for a ban from BNet2.1 services.
          ESA: Not enough! Do more!
          Blizzard BNet2.1a: Posting in favor of illegal(tm) filesharing or linking to such, are cause for a lifetime ban from BNet2.1a services.
          ESA: If you ain’t doing more, we’ll sue you into it!
          Blizzard BNet2.1b: Posting or chatting in favor of illegal(tm) filesharing or linking to such, are cause for a lifetime ban from BNet2.1b services. Communities and Clans tolerating such behaviour will be dissolved. Additional bans may follow.

          Dramatic enough for you? Or should I go on on what the new alliances made (public) could, and probably will implicate? There’s nothing good for Blizzard the developer in them, a very rough time for Blizzard the trademark, more pressure on Blizzard employees and profits only for Blizzard the rightsholder (, if it ain’t the Activision side actually holding the rights in the end…). And their profit and their political [and public] influence are the only things rightsholders think about. (‘If a part gets burned, cut it off to keep on fighting the Good(tm) fight!’)

          • It seems like blizzard/net are out their mind totally they ban accounts for nothing today my account was banned, they claimed i have used thirdpart software called bots I ven dont what it is ? im a 61year old dude WHO has play diablo from the first day, when I ask about what i have done the answer was thirdpart software and I ask would you pleae give me a evidence or proof plz tjhey more less say period your account is banned period. i have not even get these hellfire amulets WHO was the reason they give to ban other dudes. I ask them to look at the scoreboard and see if i was a top player or anything like that I have write some critical mails to them in the past because my account get locked over and over and i was tired of this. I really think they got more and more arrogant it really sucks and if my comment her should be deleted because Im negative I really dont care think its time that dudes stand up and do something Oh amd by the way a dude WHO not has played for nine months get the samme message today as I do maybe they use a shotgun when they ban accounts

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