Blizzard just sent out a wave of Blizzcon 2015 media invites, and I was happy to see one pop up in my inbox. And happier to see some mention of Diablo III on the show features. Nothing in the email said it was to be kept private and there aren’t any secrets revealed, so I guess it’s cool to share some excerpts with you guys. (If I’m wrong and a Blue objects, I’ll have to take the post down, so read fast.)

    Here’s the title image for the mail, with a selection of characters from various Blizzard titles. It seems skewed towards Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, but still…


    I hesitate to make any predictions after our completely misguided attempts to divine significance from the lack of Diablo content in the Gamescom 2015 promo images, but you’ll note a lack of Diablo figures from the actual game of Diablo. (Commenters argue the female Crusader is from D3, not the HotS version. Could be, though the D3 female Crusader has much shorter hair and not the emo makeup.)

    Of course if they’re going to reveal D3X2 at the show, they obviously wouldn’t give it away here. There wasn’t any sign of Malthael in Gamescom 2013 promotional pics, after all.

    Click through for another portion of the email, listing what media attendees might see at this year’s show…


    Look, Diablo 3 got a mention! Admittedly, it’s not exactly top-billing (literally or figuratively) but again, if they want to keep a Diablo announcement a surprise, they’d do it just like this.

    What do you guys think? That they’re inviting Diabloii.net as media is a good sign for there being some Diablo content, but then again, we said that last year before Blizzcon. Does the list of games at the show and lack of Diablo in the banner image make you expect, or doubt, we’ll see D3X2, or other new/cool stuff?

    Blizzcon 2015 Media Invites… Diablo III!

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