BlizzCon is now super close and the hype is starting to ramp up. For those with tickets or virtual tickets the BlizzCon merchandise is going on sale in advance. There’s a big gallery of all the goodies on offer on the Blizzard Facebook page for easy viewing. These items will be on sale until 11 November so it’s worth picking up stuff now before it sells out.

    In other BlizzCon news, anyone who wants to send therir friends a virtual ticket for BlizzCon can do that  now via the BattleNet shop.

    With regards to Diablo at the event, it’s not sounding like much new is going to appear because Blizzard has been busy teasing StarCraft 2 audio clips for the past few days on SoundCloud. Worth a quick listen if you’re also a StarCraft player.

    World of Warcraft or possibly Hearthstone may be getting some extra attention with the news that Blizzard filed another trademark of “Eye of Azshara” which as any WoW players know refers to either Queen Azshara or the zone itself.

    Whether Blizzard will reveal anything new remains to be seen. Remember they did trademark Overwatch back in April so who knows what might be revealed or announced.

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