Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 Demo 1st Impressions

diablo 3 blizzcon panelN3rdwards dove into the Wizard on the Reaper of Souls demo and typed up some quick notes on the new Wizard stuffs. Here follows his quick comments and stats of the new gear, expanding on what we’ve been reporting on Twitter.

Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 Demo 1st Impressions:

The new wizard set has the chance to shift the cookie cutter builds drastically. I say that because the only playable demo was a Greater Rift 15, comparable to about T2. The new set looks as follows:

Fierce Set

  • 2 pc – Casting Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile, and Shock Pulse reduce the cooldown of Slow Time by 1 second
  • 4 pc – Enemies affected by your slow time take 1250% weapon damage every second
  • 6 pc – Enemies affected by your slow time take 500% more damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile and Shock Pulse.
  • There is also a pretty new interesting helm.

Crown of the Primus – Slow Time Gains every rune.

On the playable demo, they have you also using a Gesture of Orpheus which reduces the cooldown of Slow Time outright. Pretty intense gear set to play with, and Frozen orb has never felt better because of it. More details soon.

I played the Wizard a couple of times as well and thought it was really fun. Very fast moving and fun to stack up Slow Times and then bomb in the Frozen Orbs with big damage increase. N3rdwords plays nothing but Wiz, and he’s really psyched to get this set on the live realm and have something as good or better than Firebird’s.

More updates to come; we’ve both played through the demo a dozen or more times with the quick updates going up on Twitter. Quick highlights:

New Demon Hunter Set

New six-piece set for the Demon Hunter enables Multishot as a big time skill. The 2 piece bonus grants +2 discipline with every Hatred generator. The 4 piece bonus adds a defensive boost, with -20% damage when enemies are within 40 yards. And the six piece full set bonus turns on a huge damage buff. The DH gains 10% damage for every point of Discipline to the damage of your Multishot and all Hatred Generator skills.

The DH in the demo has 65 Discipline, so the damage buff to everything when full discipline was 650%. Welcome to the days of stacking +discipline gear.

New Barbarian Set

The new Barbarian set enables a Rend + Whirlwind build. The two piece bonus is 300% damage to Rend. The four piece bonus is 300% duration to Rend. The six piece bonus is 300% damage to Whirlwind against enemies tagged with Rend.

The Barb also had a legendary helm (or belt?) that granted double Rend stack potential, so you could get up to 2 Rend stacks on each target.

It was hard to really see how this set worked in the demo since it’s only Greater Rift 15, so everything dies too quickly to estimate how the Rend stacks are adding up and boosting Whirlwind.

New Treasure Goblins

There are three new Treasure Goblins, colored purple, green, and silver. All are found in the demo in a Greater Rift, but that’s just a special thing for the demo here. Normally they will be like other goblins, and not fond in Grifts.

The purple one is called the Blood Thief and he drops Blood Shards (one stack) when running, and when he dies he drops one or two stacks of about 20-25 shards… but once in a while pops larger, with 10-12 stacks, good for about 280 total Blood Shards.

The green one is called Odious Collector, and he drops materials. He drops huge stacks; I killed several and the usual take was around 8 white, 35 blue, and 150 yellow materials.

The silver (chrome?) goblin is found on level 3 of the demo Rift, and he drops crazy amounts of gems. All are Marquise or Imperial in the demo here, and I got around 35-40 marquise and 2-3 Imperial each time I found this guy. Anyone low on gems would want to let him run a bit, since he drops a Marquise every few steps.


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  1. BAM! Flux gets sucked into a rift mid-sentence

    • mmm, if the new goblin types……will appear in higher rifts……will steal all your loot…..

      Perhaps he saw a cosplay pass by and decided to investigate.

  2. Before my download limit got drained (: Flatmate moved, leaving me with only UMTS-Internet available again…), I've reskilled my DH to a fire based rocket/multishot setup, with the goal of accumulating gear to end in a cold based M6 rocket/multishot setup. The new set may have already scrapped that goal for me.

  3. Ideas on the new Sunwuko’s set?.

  4. Ancient items's concept is the cancer they copied from WoW, yet the WoW devs realize that and it will be changed in the future.

    Also, [email protected] pylons remaining in GRs. Instead of being lucky to find 1 conduit, the gameplay changes to be lucky finding 4 conduit pylons. More RNG absoutley determining how well you do in GRs, inc GR70 barb solo clear.

  5. Sets and uniques determining which skills you can effectively use on higher levels is starting to annoy me very much. It seems that the only way to get build diversity is to hope that Blizz will make a set that caters to the skill that you like. Then it becomes a question of being lucky enough that the item will drop for you.

    • I agree, but the Wiz set kinda shows a tiny, little improvement, in that you can pair up Slow Time w/ Orb, Wind, or *snicker* the signature skills. Combos, where the set boosts the first part (Slow Time, Grasp of the Dead, Caltrops, etc), and the second, nuke part is more flexible. Better than the handcuffs Marauder's puts you in.

    • agree. and the more sets they make for a class, the harder and harder it will get to find the ones you want.

    • Generally agree, but am of the opinion of affix randomization being the responsible part of D3s rng still feeling a bit unrewarding. Having a rare item you're waiting for drop in a way, that it's still subpar to other options open to you, is quite a mood killer. Having this item you seek and never drops even rarer, though, is far easier to bear with. Especially if the additions to the pool open up other interesting possibilities.

      Nonetheless, I'd also rather prefere a more refined player controlled method in character growth added to the game, than putting even more overweight on itemization. There are a lot of small scale skill manipulation possibilities left untouched, which could be of use there and could work quite nicely both independently and synergetically to skill changing legendary affixes and set boni.

    • But that was realistically what was always going to happen.

      Everyone was like "legendaries need to change how you play the game!". Given the existing mechanics in D3, modifying skills was the only real untapped area of innovation that they could explore, so of course items start modifying how skills work. Then if the legendaries only made 'small' changes, everyone would still complain that they suck. So they have to make the changes meaningful and interesting, which by definition means skills that have item bonuses will be more interesting and likely more powerful than ones that don't. Eventually all skills will have associated item bonuses, and we'll largely be where we were to begin with. I guess you actually do have to make gear choices though, unlike D3V where all you wanted was 'more' of everything.

      • Legendaries and sets are too numerous and that is what is causing this skills specific modification. They drown out rares. If you aren't geared in a 6 piece set you are wearing all legendaries. Because there are so many and because they all need a good game-changing affix Blizz is almost forced to make them change specific skills. There should have been fewer legendaries and they should have changed large blocks such as all signature spells, or all cold spells, or other such blanket groups. If that isn't a possibility they should grant O-skills or skills and affixes usually not found on such an item.

  6. i was also counting on MOAR eventually.
    bigger numbers.

    if this goes sancuary global, will our current items get obsolete?

  7. I wonder what the new monk’s set does if there is one? Shame there’s no changes announced like more runes that one could find or more changes to core mechanics that can let us create builds, rather than hoping to find another x-piece set.

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