BlizzCon 2014 Announced

BlizzCon 2014 Announced

Blizzard have announced that the date for BlizzCon 2014 will be Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8. It will once again be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles. The blind panic mad dash for tickets will occur on 7th May at 7pm PST and 10th at 10am PT and if your best clicky finger action manages to get through on the website you’ll pay $199 plus taxes to attend the two day Blizzard-fest.

As is Blizzard’s custom they will also be holding a charity dinner on the 6th, the proceeds of which will go to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. A ticket for that is $750 and that includes access to both days of BlizzCon too.

For those who can not attend there will be virtual coverage that you can also buy a ticket to access. No price for that yet but it’s usually reasonable and it’s good coverage of the panels and they have presenters who chat to the devs throughout the two days. Although I’m hopefull they’ve dropped the female presenter with a voice for print media as I’d like to get to watch some of them this year.

Full details are available on the official BlizzCon 2014 website.

So, is anyone here planning on attending this year of if you aren’t then getting yourself a virtual ticket?

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12 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2014 Announced

  1. Ooh, excite! I like the later dates; Oct or Nov since it’s less likely to be 90 degrees that day in LA. (As it usually is in August or Sept.) Not that the outside temps matter much when immersed in the A/C imbued interior of the Anaheim CC.

    I’m curious about the timing, though. What will be the status of Blizzard’s titles, come the Fall?

    D3Y announcement/preview? RoS was announced Aug 21, 2013 at gamescom. That’s 15m after shipment. 8m before release. I guess they could have the next D3 expansion far enough along to show by November, but that seems sooner than I’d have expected.

    D3 console: I assume the PS4 version will be out long before November.

    WoW: The post-panda expansion is coming out this summer or fall. So they won’t have anything new to show in November.

    WoW movie? They paneled about this at blizzcon last year when they had nothing. Just concept art and some guys talking on stage. So they’ll surely have updates and progress reports by Nov.

    Heroes of the Storm: Just started wider Alpha testing. Coming out this summer or fall. Won’t have anything new for November.

    Starcraft 2? I don’t pay this game attention, but I guess part 3 will be coming along for big show off in the fall?

    Heartstone? It’s out now, maybe they’ll have some expansion stuff in November?

    New title? Titan got shelved/delayed/something last year. Is there some other secret bliz title in the works?

    From that rundown it doesn’t seem like they’ll have much new/excite for Blizzcon in Nov. Unless D3Y is coming sooner than I expect? Or they’ve got some secret project ready to reveal?

    • Extremely unlikely that there will be any news of new D3 expansion.

      More of discussion of new upcoming major patches/systems but tiered rifts/ladders should already be in some months before that.

      Maybe PvP is finally coming?

      And don’t forget it is the perfect oppotunity to re-introduce Jay Wilson to the public as the game director of XXX game.
      Please take some pcitures of that.

    • This may in fact be the first Blizzcon ever that I can afford to go to and I’m having the same worries as you; what’s going to get announced anyway?

      Still, I think I’ll go anyway just to see what it’s like. Any tips?

  2. My estimation:

    – WoWX5 will *not* be released before Nov 8, 2014 because the Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer will premiere at BlizzCon 2014. The WoD beta starts in May/June, so that fits perfectly considering the usual 6-month beta period. Also, WoW celebrates its 10th anniversary on Nov 23rd, and the WarCraft franchise even its 20th! Could there be a better release month for “WoW 2.0”?

    – D3X2 premieres at BlizzCon 2014 because the D3X1 announcement at gamescom 2013 is already 1.5 years ago by then. If you’ve seen the RoS Making Of DVD, you may have noticed that the final RoS orchestra soundtrack has already been recorded 5 months(!) after Diablo 3’s release in May 2012. This means that the 2nd expansion should be quite some time in the works. I’m also guessing that Diablo 3 gets 4 expansions up to level 100, so that the intial 10-year development pays off. 1.5 years per expansion seems to be a good time frame, so D3X2 premiere at this year’s BlizzCon – definitely. ^^

    • Uh, there hasn’t been much official information on sales figures beyond the first week following Reaper of Soul’s release. So, it may be wise to wait for an update on those (next investor’s conference?) to see if there’s actually a future for the game.

      Nothing wrong about your enthusiasm, but fantasizing about a freshly or announced Blizzard game ‘probably being as good as ready for nigh-imminent release’ never turned out to be too much of a realistic perception with them in the past. 😉

      • @ “So, it may be wise to wait for an update on those (next investor’s conference?) to see if there’s actually a future for the game.”

        You are kidding me, right? ^^

  3. I believe that they will be revealing their plans for the next expansion, so I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s hoping for the new class to be the necromancer, then all will be right for me once again…

    … I miss the old man.

  4. Been years since I’ve been, would love to go again but it’s just so far away. Perhaps a WWI is due?

  5. WARCRAFT is currently filming, but for a 2016 release. I have some friends in Vancouver working on it .

  6. WoW expansion and the Heroes of the Storm will be the focus. Diablo 3 will maybe get some console-related news?

  7. I’ll be out there again this year for the whole week. I would expect Legacy of the Void to get some love and maybe some first reveals for the 2nd D3 xpac, which they’ve already confirmed is coming. Perhaps one of the two major projects they’re working on that haven’t had anything revealed yet will finally see light of day?

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