Blizzcon 2013 Virtual Goodies Revealed

attachmentBlizzard has updated their Blizzcon page with info about the virtual goodies that come with your $40 Virtual Ticket to the online PPV version of the show. They include a WoW pet, a SC2 decal, a Hearthstone card, and for Diablo 3 you get $50 in virtual money to spend in the RMAH before it closes.

No, not really. You just get a banner sigil.

Blizzard has not revealed the contents of the goodie bag that show attendees will receive, but most likely they will include these digital goodies along with other more tangible delights.

The Diablo banner is already in the game and functional if you buy the virtual ticket; a forum goer named LoverofBacon posted a screenshot of his two weeks ago.



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14 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2013 Virtual Goodies Revealed

  1. Too bad, i only play Hearthstone and Diablo 3, so i don’t think these two are worth, specialy the banner one, the WoW one is amazing though.
    Wish we could get a little pet to follow us around, some wings, shinning auras, special dyes, i donno, Banner is ok but not worth 40 dollares (cuz u can watch the whole thing in utube the next day…).

  2. I wonder if the Mystery Minion is literally a Mystery Minion or whether it is a preselected minion that reveals itself when you get the card.

    If it is a Mystery Minion (ie, that’s what it says when you put the card down) I wonder how it functions? It stays a mystery until your opponent attacks it or you use it to attack? That’d be interesting.

    • I’d bet good money that the “Mystery Minion” refers to WOWX5, and they don’t want to spoil its main theme in advance.

  3. Disappointed with the Diablo Reward , They could do so many things other than the Banners which nobody even cares what they look like and the banner from D3CE is much more epic than this one that I won’t be replacing it with this horrible design.

    Like others said they could give us Dye or the crimson wings like the ones on PS3 , those are totally worth the buy but I can understand why they won’t add them on Blizzcon because they will make many people angry over buying CE and then getting owned by Blizzcon reward , atleast give us some transmog gear or something like the murloc amulet for fun. I might buy the ticket for the murloc pet on WoW and I like to watch blizzcon live.

  4. The banner is okay. If we still had pets in D3 they could give us special pets too. There are not many options for the devs to be creative with unfortunately.

    • There’s a vanity pet menu in the datamined RoS build. But it doesn’t make sense to give out pets months before they’ll be usable in-game.

  5. Yah I don’t know what they can really offer in D3. D3 is such an anti-social game that pure vanity items don’t make sense. Who are you going to show it off to? Everyone pretty much solos.

    • Everyone solos ? Talk to yourself buddy, most may solo, but there is a huge ammount of people who play with friends or even random multiplayer, and it’ll increase in D3X, with clans.

  6. QUOTE

    Yah I don't know what they can really offer in D3.  D3 is such an anti-social game that pure vanity items don't make sense.  Who are you going to show it off to?  Everyone pretty much solos.

    This. I’ve been looking for a group for over a week, not one person to play with. Not. A. Single. One. There are nominally other people out there, you don’t interact with them at all. Without the AH you might as well make it an offline single player game, it’d only be an improvement by removing lag and disconnects from the equation.

    • I’m still torn on the whole offline/online thing honestly. With the removal of the AH the primary reason (if you don’t count piracy of course) for the game to be online is basically gone. I’m still waiting to see what they follow up with, there needs to be some kind of economy in place that will allow trading that is easier than chat spamming for hours. If they fail to replace the AH with anything at all I would say that the online only requirement has officially worn out its welcome for me.

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