Blizzcon 2013 Tickets Sold Out

Hope you were one of the lucky ones, since both batches of Blizzcon 2013 Tickets sold out today in customarily instantaneous fashion.

The second batch of tickets for BlizzCon 2013 is now sold out. If you weren’t able to get tickets in the first or second batches, tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon dinner to benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County will be going on sale this Wednesday, May 1 at 7 p.m. PDT (BlizzCon admission included). Coverage of BlizzCon will also be available through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket—stay tuned for more details.

Keep an eye on the BlizzCon website for updates on panels, exhibits, events, Virtual Ticket info, and more.

As the blue says, the last chance (other than via scalpers, and tix are already $500+ on ebay) is coming up on May 1st and those are CHOC Benefit Dinner tickets which include Blizzcon passes as well. Those are $500 a piece, limit 2 per household, and you get to attend a fancy charity dinner where you’ll meet lots of Blizzard people and receive a warm fuzzy permabuff to your charitable impulses.

Did anyone score tickets today? I’m going this year and hope to see some of you guys there, for D3X’s big debut! *crossed fingers*

Apparently the tickets sold out even faster than usual this year, judging by reports from some friends who were able to buy tickets to the past few Blizzcons, but failed in their efforts this year. Pent up demand after no Blizzcon last year?

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  1. If I wanted to go again this year, I might have been somewhat upset with this site for not posting a reminder notice yesterday as it has in years past …

    • Well sorry about that. In years past we heard complaints that we were posting too many reminders and updates and people said, “everyone knows, everyone reads, etc.” So this year I figured we’d go lower pitched on that.

  2. Yep…Blizzcon…to see F2P P2W card games super awesome trailers…and maybe news from the next D3 patch fixing the male barb shout sounds…coz thats the important stuff…Ouh YEAH!!

    Blizzard was a God for me…now its nearly dead…sadpanda out!

    • Are children allowed to post here ?

      • Nice and solid arguments, you win mate ^^p
        Coz diablo 3 being a mess 1 year after launch, seeing game with -10x times less money do better…watching blizzard making free to play card games, backgrounds, trailers, etc…aps…mob density 1 year…
        So…yep, you win…^^p mate…

        • It’s very saddening to see all the circlejerk Blizzard haters upvoting comments like this. Everything you said is your opinion, and shared by the opinions of like-minded Blizzard trolls.

          The game needs work, but posting vitriol like this is neither constructive nor appropriate. If you want to make a difference and help make improvements to this game, I would recommend making well-informed posts on how to make the game a better experience.

          • I am sure they will listen to the feedback… NAAAAT.

          • “I recommend making well-informed posts on how to make the game a better experience”

            what’s to post that hasn’t been posted a 1000 times before?

            and it’s been pretty obvious from 2008 that Blizzard does what they want regardless

          • I was in the beta…they don’t listen…they are doing things simply wrong if we compare it with Blizzard standards…but as a N1 blizzard fan…I see those blizzard standards going down in the most wanted project, Diablo 3. An excellent game with VERY BAD developers.

            Be constructive? How can we be constructive? We spend 1 year repeating the same things over and over and they are doing almost nothing…1 year of Diablo 3 progrees is equal to 2 month in Paths of Exile…this is no constructive problem at all, dont you lie youserlf.

          • Sadly the appropriate time to “make a difference” came and went a long LONG time ago. I think the circlejerk comment does indeed apply to both camps the haters and the hopers… upvoting and arguing about every tiny fecal nugget that drops from Blizzards constipated dev tract. Unfortunately it’s one of those circlejerks where no one has any lotion and there’s no payoff in sight.

      • were you asking for permission ?

  3. We may see more info on titan at this rate besides info about the D3 EXP as well.

  4. I’ll see ya there Flux.

  5. I live in Sweden. No way I have the cash to go to Blizzcon. Just say’n.

  6. Bad game, bad company, bad convention, bad bad.

  7. Bring on D3X! I can already smell the magic of LoD reincarnated! =)

    Can still remember the moment I got the box in my hands, I was 17 years old, and truly witnessing the very best game every made. I have faith that at least some of those feelings will come back with D3X, and this is coming from someone that is enjoying D3 as it is, but wants much much more!

    • well with how much of dissapoint d3 ended up It won’t be hard for blizzard to make an expansion that makes players feel that way. That is… unless they stay on their course of fail simplistic game design, lazy balance, and overall cutting things players have been clamoring for because they don’t want the game to be played that way.

      ya… I am kinda excited to watch the blizzcon d3 stuff as I’m sure they will at least SOME expansion info and possibly an actual pvp demo to play. Plus I’m interested in possible Titan info.

  8. Those poor souls … Literally.
    $175 entrance fee for some dubious promotion event?

    • It’s good if your job is video game blogging or have a youtube channel that needs the content. I wonder what the percentage of “normal folks” is to people doing some kind of coverage or playing dressup.

      • The ‘normal folks’ make up the vast majority of the convention. The event is quite fun and that’s the main reason why most people go.

  9. My lizard brain is tingling and tells me that we will get D3X announcement on BlizzCon.

  10. I am still interested in what they have to say. D3X, Titan, not so sure about Hearthstone. And all this in a concise and informative news article posted here.

  11. Pretty hyped for Blizzcon. Always interesting to hear the developer panels.
    And this time we ought to get a D3 expansion. And Titan, which I’m not really interested in as a gamer, but curious to see what Blizzard plans “after WoW”. And probably a WoW expansion as well. Plus some SC2 expansion trailer.
    Actually, too many games here, theynmight skip one 🙁 Hopefully not D3 expansion.

    Would love to go there in person, but the travel cost would be rather substantial.
    And in the end you get better coverage by not being there 🙂

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