BlizzCon 2013 Reaper of Souls New Screenshots

Blizzard have released a bunch of new screenshots for Reaper of Souls. They show among other things DiabloWikiPandemonium Fortress, DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts (previously Loot Runs) and lots of DiabloWikiWestmarch.

More after the break…

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  1. New bottom HUD? (1st screen)

    • It looks like it.

      I’m most excited about fighting in the streets of Westmarch because there is no area like that right now. The more houses we can go in the better.

  2. 1st ss: 8k Str, 8k Vit. o.O

    • At paragon 70… Those extra paragon stat points won’t matter that much, imo…

      And those blue gems on blackthorne’s chest are diamonds?

      • At 8k strength, 400k DPS seems a little “low” by eyeball math. Guess they’re really doing CC/CD/IAS caps or hard nerfing them. I hope they’re making main stat damage a linear growth, instead of the compounding crap they have now, although 400k still seems high for something like that.

  3. I know we have all had differing opinions on D3. I am/was an AH supporter for instance. But how can you NOT like this new stuff. Its NEW Diablo stuff!!


    This is an alternate skin for the Demon Hunter from Heroes of the Storm (MOBA). That stuff needs to come to D3 ASAP!

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