Blizzcon 2013 Announced

Blizzcon 2013 announced today. The semi-annual event is coming on November 8-9, 2013. That’s a few weeks later than the usual October time frame, but perhaps the later season will work some magic on the usually too-hot SoCal weather and attendees can do a bit less sweating than usual while waiting in the endless line at 9:50am before the doors open. Here’s the quote, with no real specifics yet, beyond the date:

IRVINE, Calif. – February 19, 2013 – Gather your guildmates, muster your minions, and summon your swarm! Blizzard Entertainment today announced plans for its seventh BlizzCon® gaming convention, taking place Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. For two epic days, members of Blizzard’s gaming community from around the globe will descend on Anaheim to meet, play, and celebrate their shared passion for all things Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo®.

“BlizzCon gives us a chance to connect with our players and share our latest projects in a very personal way,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Members from all of our gaming communities have helped make this event bigger and better every time, and we look forward to meeting up and celebrating with them in November.”

In addition to serving as a gathering place for Blizzard Entertainment gaming communities, BlizzCon will offer attendees a chance to enjoy:

  • Hands-on play time with the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment games
  • Global finals for Blizzard eSports, featuring top pro gamers from around the world
  • In-depth discussion panels with Blizzard game developers and artists
  • Competitive and casual tournaments for players to showcase their talents
  • Community contests with great prizes
  • Commemorative merchandise based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes
  • More activities and attractions to be announced.

  • Nothing yet about what they’ll be showing at the show. I’m personally expecting D3X to be a major feature at the show, whether it debuts there or earlier in the year, with a playable demo and lots of other fun new stuff. I suppose there will be some WoW or secret project stuff there as well, but Blizzard’s non-Diablo projects are pretty much meh to me. Your anticipation may vary, naturally.

    Has excite?

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    54 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2013 Announced

    1. I just hope that the expansion will bring MORE content than just the scrapped mechanics from vanilla development.


      – mystic
      – talisman
      – cauldron of jordan and nephalem cube

      • Don’t worry there will be tons of new features introduced for D3X. Only very few will make it to the actual game though.

        • It’s nice know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to see and hear about a bunch of new features that will be dumbed-down and/or cut from the game before launch.

          Besides, what are they going to tell us? That they are bringing back the Mystic, Jeweler functionality, Arena PvP, Talisman, Charms, Jewel types, effects bases on damage, etc….. you know, everything that was in the game and playable, but given the axe under the guise of not being ready.

          Was BS then, and will be BS at XPAC launch. Who here is going to buy the XPAC and pay Blizzard for everything they cut from the original game? Don’t get me wrong, everything cut better be in the XPAC, but the XPAC better bring new, unseen things to the game, and a lot of it, in addition to fixing the item system, crafting system, skill system, and stat point system. (Don’t want much do I, but then again, Diablo 2 needs a worthy successor.)

          • its kinda funny because its true … we’ve all seen it with d3 ; WoW had always had a downgrade trend since tbc and in SC2 and HOTS there have been so many features that would have changed the metagame fundamentally – but from the announcement til the state of the current HOTS beta, pretty much all innovative and new features have either been scrapped completely or changed so much towards ordinary functions that you have to wonder what’s the point of this unit anyway.

    2. Semi-Annual is twice a year.

      Maybe if they held it that often they could charge less?


    3. Did bobby splurge for gun detectors this year with the RMAH monies? His bonus was only $6 million this year…

    4. i just found out borderlands 2 features more rpg elements then d3. and they got a skilltree, and its still fun 😀 how dare they doing such a thing in the year 2013. sarcasm besides im not really excited since my expectations from that company are as high as the pope on weed.

      console port of d3 is actually still scheduled for Q1. wondering when info hits on that to expected heavy sh*tstorm.

    5. I’m certantly not going to buy an expansion until its been out for a while and I know its good. Blizz won’t get more money from me easily again, that’s for sure.

      The D3 release was a disaster and the game had serious problems. All my friends quit playing more than 6 months ago and I have to blame blizzard for that. The game was boring and punishing and they took too long to change that.

    6. Xpac will include one (or two, but I strongly doubt that) new act and two new classes, that’s a sure thing. I bet there will be five or ten more levels for our characters, wow-style, even though I can’t imagine where our paragon level will go to.
      Everything else is speculation.
      For me, I hope to see a complete redesign of itemization: if they don’t manage to do that, the expansion is doomed to only offer more of the same. They don’t even need to change what is currently in the game: simply adding new categories of items might do the trick (think how runes changed d2).
      A random “endless” dungeon, as has been suggested a thousand times, with random levels and guest monsters, would also be a great addition and a way to renew the presently stale (read: non-existent) end game.

      • I agree that the game is in dire need of quality content that all existing classes could experience, i.e. at least two new, full acts. And I also agree that this is very unlikely to happen, since new tilesets would mean new art, music, creatures, bosses, traps, npcs, quests, dialogue etc. In short: new acts mean a lot of work, when they already did seem to try to cut this down to a minimum with the original release.

        Two more slightly different, new classes seem like the more probable addition though, since those would be less work. Which is a pity, since gameplay-wise, the original game already featured more slightly different classes than I could bear to repeat the always same, very limited, lower-than-expected-quality world-content with.

        Something I’d very much hope to see (though more in the guise of a free pre-xpack patch), would be bunch of new rooms for all existing tilesets. I feel they’ve neglected the (expensive to produce) random-world-content (=diversity, icluding terrain, mosters, side-quests) beyond good and evil and opted to shift the randomization of the game towards crazy random numerical value spans (which is cheap to produce, doesn’t add any aesthetic value forplayers to enjoy, and supports their ah-cut acquisitiveness).

      • they will have a hard time getting players back constantly playing that crippled game. it has been said many times before but the auction house really did not do any good to this game.

    7. I want me some Paladin!

      I wonder if they will officially announce “Titan”. Its been what, 5 years?

    8. You made a joke about bringing guns to Blizzcon the same morning four people were shot dead around Orange County. What’d you expect?

    9. Excite? Well, it’s fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, from my point of view. I’m still hopeful that the series can go back to it’s strength. But the recent past has shown that Blizzcon is no indicator for if it’s happening or not. So no, no excitement here. But it is a chance for Blizzard to show if they’ve understood what made us old fans unhappy or at least if they’re able to draw out the potential still untouched by vanilla D3 to a degree that the game takes on depth to an interesting level.

    10. So many negative comments regarding the game being “dead/ruined” on this article. Going to be a ton of mod deletes going down tonight. Maybe… heheh 😉

      • The only negative comments are the ones that support d3 and people holding hope that things will improve.

    11. all those negative comments are from spoiled kids,rushers and pvp muppets !

      the game is great and there is always room for more PVE enjoyment.
      I still play it everyday and enjoying it.

    12. I’m most excited for the $3 bottled waters and the $6 hot dogs….Oh, and the awful $4 pretzels. Plus, the ridiculous lines and reeking, sweaty, musky, husky WoW slobs telling feaux-intellectually superior “jokes” back and forth to each other about which class is best. Plus the maybe, one or two tiny tiny tidbits of actual “news.”

    13. NOVEMBER!? That late in the year? Means they are working on something really big, like maybe renaming PvP in WoW to Brewling.

    14. I remember like 7 months ago when I couldn’t figure out why ppl that stated that they hated the game still lurked on the forums spreading sh*t for no good reason. I can understand some level of disappointment, and that you’ll want to give the game a real chance and what not. But after several months…

      Well, they are still here 11 months after release. If I was a psychological researcher of some kind, to figure this out would be my number one goal in life.

      My amateur level of research have come up with a couple of possible answers.

      1) They deal with insecurity in real life by acting like jerks on the internet.
      2) Growing up, not feeling the same excitement about video-games as you use to do is hard, and this is one way to deal with it.

      If you feel like you cant stop hating. Please respond with your number one reason. I honestly very interested. I specifically want to know if your only target is diablo 3 or if you spread the hate among other topics as well. Thanks.

      • My pick is…

        5) I love the series and hate it beeing diminished to the shallowness that’s called D3.

        Honestly, I don’t feel like a hater but have been put into this group more often than not in the past months, so I think that’s qualifying enough for answering here. So yeah, I’m critizising the game. But what would be reached if I held my voice? Nothing could be reached turning the future of the series into a direction that I deem beeing a good one. Of course my voice alone counts for nothing, I’m well aware of that. But that’s no reason to keep quite. On the contrary it’s all the reason to raise my voice. (My believe in democracy is influencing the argument here…)

        • You admit that you hate D3, talk about just how much you hate it forever in the forums (apparently) and you still don’t feel like a hater?

          What if I told you that many ppl actually love the game just as it is, and feels that the forums should be for those who actually play the game.

          Constructive feedback is okey. But the type of hating I talk about is typically. “F*ck Jay Wilson, looser”, “Maybe they should spend another 2 years on renaming pvp to brawling”, ” the shallowness that’s called D3″, “D3 sucks, PoE does everything better”. Yeah you get it. And it goes on forever. It will never stop.

          Yeah, I’m just tired of it I guess. Could you at least understand that?

          • “You admit that you hate D3, talk about just how much you hate it forever in the forums (apparently) and you still don’t feel like a hater?”

            No. I don’t hate D3. I hate that it’s tarnished the series I love, beeing made up as a successor to it. If it would have been published as a new brand, I would probably have also bought the game, put it aside when the funpart was over and would never had said a thing, even if the latter would have only lasted 10 hours of gameplay. Now, as it is, with over 500 hours into the game (, alas only perhaps 1 hour in the last three months), I’m still critizising the game because one fights for the things one loves. And as I love the series I also want to love D3. Only I’ve run out of reasons to do so, apart from the potential the gameengine helds.

            But yeah, I understand what you mean. But to me that’s just trolling. And that’s happening on the side of haters the same as on the side of “haters-haters”. So just taking it out on one part of the “group” seems to me to be a bit ill advised.

            • The funny thing is that we both spent around the same amount of time in this game. One of us thinks its a great game with room for improvements, and the other one thinks it’s a bad game with very few things done right.

              Another thing is that you have up until 3 months ago played a little over 2 hours a day on average. I don’t know if you have school or a full time job, but if you do, that’s what’s pretty much just what you’d expect from someone playing a game they really love.

              This happens in WoW as well. “Every expansion since vanilla wow has been a huge step back, I hate this, this and this” – And yet they still log 5 hours a day.

              Anyway. I don’t know what you mean with “And that’s happening on the side of haters the same as on the side of “haters-haters”. Give examples.

              Defending a game that you love on the games fansite is not trolling. And to hate on other trolls is hardly trolling either. I guess it’s not that hard to see, given the amount of sh*t coming from one side versus the other, that one side is just trolling, and the other side just trolls back.

              The really sad thing is that if some post “This patch is really good, love it, huge improvement” he gets +1, but if you write “Hey Jay, f*ck you looser” you get +7. It has to be some kind of cult.

      • I come to this mostly to talk and research d2. Sometimes i wade into d3 forum and news but not often. Mystery solved.

      • That’s a good question even though it was posed in a condescending fashion. I’ll answer it anyway.

        My number 1 reason for sticking around even though I don’t play the game anymore is addiction. I’ve been shamelessly addicted to the series since the original game was released and I started playing it with my friends. I lost my best friend to a terrible accident while we were both waiting for this game to be released still. Playing it with other people made me feel like he was still with us somehow.

        Despite the addiction and my brains need to “fill the void” using this game… I can recognize when something is not very good and resist becoming a blinded fanboy about it. The reasons are many and I won’t go into them again because that’s kicking a head horse but I think it’s kinda similar to marijuana addiction.

        If a guy has been addicted to top quality weed and smoking the past 10 years then suddenly you start giving him low quality weed he’s still going to notice and complain about it despite the addiction. If he has no other supply of good weed (diablo games) he’ll probably complain a lot over a very long time despite still being addicted. That’s the boat I’m in right now. Bitter disappointment with a small glimmer of hope that the good weed will one day return.

        Otherwise my life is very busy and happy right now. I have plenty of OTHER things that I’m busy doing and enjoying with my family and at work. This is just a hobby for me now (checking the forums) a time passer like occasionally reading the newspaper even though it’s full of bad news.

        My question to you is why do you care so much about the people who are vocally negative? There’s no need to get insulting to them in fact that will just make the situation worse. If I were a D3 fanboy who hated opposing opinions about the game and yet was confronted with then everywhere I would probably just have to come to the realization that it’s never going to stop and either do my best to ignore it or grow some thicker skin.

        That being said I don’t think this is a horrible game just very low quality as far as the franchise is concerned. Just my opinion on the matter not saying you are wrong for loving it just trying my best to explain things to you because you asked.

        • I guess that you can say that you’re addicted to being addicted, sort of.

          That’s okey I guess, but don’t explain the hating. Unless your actually replaced your addiction of playing diablo with hating on it. in that case I suggest you try to find something else to get addicted to.

          Also I find these sentences put together pretty funny.

          “I can recognize when something is not very good and resist becoming a blinded fanboy about it”
          “There’s no need to get insulting…”
          “If I were a D3 fanboy who hated opposing opinions”

          If you don’t want to me to “insult” haters, maybe you should put away the “I know best, and if you disagree, your a blinded fanboy” attitude. I don’t hate opposing opinions, I’m just curious about this kind of behavior. It’s like religion in a way. I don’t mind ppl practicing it as long as they don’t throw it right in my face.

          I’m really sorry about your friend. 🙁 But maybe you should thank Blizzard for helping you cope with his death rather than hate on them. Just a little tip.

      • The haters are casualties of the over-long development cycle. They bought into diablo 3 during development and were whipped into a frenzy for the game. They came to this site for *years* and this site (and bnet) became a social outlet. So 7 months is pretty short considering the extreme development time.

        So I am guessing the haters are still here because this site and bnet are filling a social need. Hard to break a possibly decade-long habit at this point, and it is free entertainment (the forums).

        The phrase ‘get a life’ comes to mind. There are better social habits out there…

        • I think your right. It’s definitely just and old habit to come here. And when you realize that it all become pretty stupid.

          I guess ppl deal with disappointment in different ways. If I found out that I hated d3 after looking at this site every day for 5 years, I would not have come in here ever again. I would have tried in every possible way to get it off my mind and tried to focus on something else. I don’t feel that I have a need to feel disappointed over and over again.

      • like Diablo. want d3 to be good. continues to disappoint. continue to show up and hate on it.


    15. lol at people who are expecting something of substance for D3-related news. they’ll probably announce they’re taking the auction flat fee and then they’re doubling it.

      hihihihihihi come on, LAUGH, I told a funny joke. will be even funnier when it turns out to be true.

    16. No Titan because that would take all the storm out of the new D3 expansion and WOW expansion and Blizzard’s DOTA.

      I am quite sure we will see a structured PvP part by then in D3. Based on defensive gems.

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