BlizzCon 2011 Site Opens

In preparation for BlizzCon in a couple of months, Blizzard has swung open the doors of this year’s BlizzCon community website. There’s not too much there at the moment but there is a news item about the E-Sports events which will include StarCraft and WoW tournaments. We will of course expect next year to include some Diablo 3 PvP tournaments but that’s a long way off.

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    15 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2011 Site Opens

    1. Yes there’s a media event for general media and fansite happening this week and information from that event can be released on 1 August.
      There have been lots of news posts referring to it over the last few weeks here.

    2. What he means is it will go live by september 30 at the latest. Doesn’t rule out beta starting in august.

      • @Mr_Bartuc, yes but, what I mean is that this guy is invited to the event and claim know what they are going to show.

      • Seems he’s mixing a lot of wishful thinking and speculation with actual news. Why would there be an NDA until Aug 1 for event attendees, if the beta, which won’t have an NDA, is starting on Sept 30th?  Why would Bliz start the beta in the middle of a press event, when they always announce such things in advance for publicity reasons?

        BTW, his info, such as it is, came from the NDA Blizzard sent out, which stated that various features and Act One would be shown at the event/in the demo/beta.

        And since you keep asking in fairly duplicitous fashion, we first posted about the bliz irvine press event weeks ago, several days before any other English language D3 site.

        • Yes!!!!! I know that the press event is not new info!!! Seriously. As i said, I read this site several times a day.

          “Seems he’s mixing a lot of wishful thinking and speculation with actual news.” – Yes, I think he probebly is too. I realize that now.

          However that they are going to show the beta was new info to me. “New build” could mean any part of the finished game and may not have anything to do with the beta at all.

          Because this guy is claiming to know that they are showing the beta, I thought that would interest some ppl here at incgamers (the site where the exact number of actual armor types matter). But as I now have realized, he probebly just “mixing a lot of wishful thinking and speculation with actual news” as you said.
          Im sorry diablo.ioncagers for ruin your otherwise flawless community.

    3. L2Business ppl.
      D3 beta will probably be shorter than SC2’s, but Blizzard will nonetheless hold its release until SWTOR’s.

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