Blizzcon 2011 Prize Poster: Azmodan

Each year at Blizzcon the developers have put a special loot drop into the Diablo III PvE demo, which entitles the finder to a limited edition signed poster. These are always highly-sought after, and they command enormous prices on Ebay, if you’re so greedy as to part with such a holy relic.

This year’s poster featured DiabloWikiAzmodan, and in addition to giving them to lucky PvE players, they were given out to top killers in the PvP demo, late on Saturday (likely because there were a bunch of posters left over). You can see what this prize looks like in the photo below, thanks to Chaboi who scored one as a reward for his PvP triumphs. Want? Want.

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6 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2011 Prize Poster: Azmodan

  1. LMFAO that fugly poster? I wouldn’t pay even 5 bucks for dat. And luckily I don’t have a crush on any of those people, so the signatures are pretty worthless too

  2. Well it’s pretty damn cool to get such a free collector’s item.
    But I wouldn’t pay a buckload for it tho.

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