Blizzard has finally released the Blizzcon 2011 poster artwork in a high quality digital image (as a wallpaper), and it’s a good chance for us to once again view Diablo and his/her child-bearing hips. Debate about this has raged since the event, with the most obvious conclusion/rumor that a female is somehow possessed by Diablo’s spirit, soul-stone style.

    Also note the big, glowing eyes in the top back, which the Blizzard website update says are there to symbolize the Pandareans. (Not to tease something from DiabloWikiTitan, as some had speculated.)

    We can make a lot more informed speculation about Diablo’s form in Diablo 3 though. It’s a bit spoilery, so I’ll put it below the fold. Click through to read about which female seems the obvious choice to turn into Diablo, in Diablo III.

    There’s no proof that Diablo possesses a woman, but if he does it seems like DiabloWikiLeah is the obvious choice. Some spoilery points in the argument:

    • Leah is the only female main character NPC we know of who gets involved in the story and action. (The DiabloWikiMystic doesn’t count.)
    • Leah looks to be menaced by and possibly within the grasp of Azmodan in the DiabloWikiBlack Soulstone cinematic.
    • Diablo has a history of possessing humans and reforming their bodies for his use.
    • Leah is the daughter of DiabloWikiAdria and (apparently) DiabloWikiPrince Aiden (who became the DiabloWikiDark Wanderer).
    • Data-mined images show Leah with a corrupted form (but looking zombie-like, rather than demonic.)
    • This artwork of Diablo has… dat hips. And possibly boobs as well, though the mouths on the shoulders are unaddressed by this theory.
    • DiabloWikiChris Metzen puts similar themes/events into all of the Blizzard franchise stories, and he loves to take females and throw them into danger/possession/transformation by powerful enemies. Kerrigan, for instance.

    The various Diablo devs, asked about this possibility at Blizzcon, gave very non-committal replies. They must have rehearsed them in advance, since they knew where the fan speculation would run once they showed us this feminine-looking Diablo. Here’s Julian Love speaking to Gamefront:

    GF: You’ve been using the pronoun “he.” Is Diablo definitely male?
    Julian Love: You know, demons don’t really have a gender.

    GF: There’s a theory going around that Diablo may be female, based on the art we’ve seen. With the newly revealed Black Soulstone cinematic, I’m sure people will wonder if Leah will become the new Dark Wanderer and host to Diablo, explaining Diablo’s feminine features.
    Julian Love: Play the game and find out.

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