Blizzcon 2011 Goodie Bag Contents

Site reader ivladev points us to Squidoo, where they’ve gotten hold of this year’s Blizzcon goodie bag and posted numerous photos of the contents. There’s really only one thing in it — the Tyrael mini-pet statue that we saw last week. Which is awesome, if you like vaguely-anime styled mini-statues of Tyrael.

Besides that, this year’s authenticator has a Diablo III graphic on it, and the loot card has codes for the DiabloWikiMurkablo WoW mini-pet, plus an SC2 Murloc profile. There’s no D3 virtual anything, no beta keys in the goodies, and the rest is just the usual stack of glossy ads.

On the whole, I have to give this goodie bag about a 3 on our current vote scale.



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16 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2011 Goodie Bag Contents

  1. I don’t know if “anime-styled” is the right term. “Vaguely cartoony” would’ve been just as clear; anime in general is notorious for odd weapons and looks, but the most popular ones are quite calm especially when compared to the style of WoW visuals.

    He’s just a WoWified Tyrael.

  2. Actually there’s nothing cartoonish in it. Except for proportions of his head and wings. That’s a pretty common painting level for such miniatures.
    P.S. And characters with big heads weren’t invented by japanese people.

    • they weren´t invented by the Japanese, no, but they were populirised by the Japanese. Before Japan wave that started in the mid 90s and to some extent is still going on today (though the Japan craze in the West has weakened) most people, when they hear about characters with big heads, think of chibi anime characters.

  3. LMFAO no D3 beta keys either, oh my I love it when Blizzard proves me right. Once again, Blizzcon will suck miserably… even more for the attendees. Is it too late for you guys to request a refund?

    • Doofus, they already gave everyone who went to Blizzcon Diablo III beta keys… Blue posts say so. They tagged their accounts, they just didn’t give a little card saying  GRATZ UR IN TEH BETA!

      Would that have made you happy? I doubt it since you seem determined to hate Blizzard.

      Good luck with that.

      • Lol and you just got trolled into responding. You shoulda waited a bit longer though, to see if anyone else had read those particular blue posts. I had 🙂

  4. Appropriate that they’re mocking the franchise right at the start of the process.
    Sets the tone nicely for the show, which has a ton of info for SC and WoW fans and warmed-over gopher crap for fans of the D series.

  5. I don’t like the cutesy style of the statue, looks like it’s aimed at kids.  And I would have rather had an exclusive companion for Diablo 3 than a pet in WoW which I don’t play.

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