Thanks to blue trackers, twitter trackers, and the fact that they post 99% WoW, SC2, and general company news, I never actually visit Blizzard.com. Thus I am grateful to Majob for pointing out, in comments to this post, that there’s a new Blizzcon promo image showing on Blizzard’s main page, with an odd feature on Diablo’s chest. You see a screenshot of it below… has he been socketed?

    It’s been joked that the DiabloWikiTalisman in Diablo III is basically a “self-socketing” of your character, but it seems that Diablo has taken that a step farther? Is he a member of the X-men? A creature of smoke and fire unearthed by dwarves who delved too greedily? Has he got a profile on BME, along with the Barbarian’s tattoo vest? So many questions!

    If you’d like to conjecture as to why Diablo has 4 holes in a diamond pattern on his chest, holes which permit red light to glow out from his interior (as seen if you watch the slightly-animated image via Blizzard.com), the comments would be a good place to do so.

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