Blizzcon 2011 Cosplay and Costume Contest – Recap

We posted a few Diablo-themed Cosplay pics Friday night, but now there are more! G4TV has a whole gallery of cosplayers from Blizzcon 2011, many of whom are quite abundantly-bedecked with feminine charms.

Jo-Jo in her Tyrael’s Secret (Get it? Like the Victoria’s Secret angels?) costume probably leads that category, though she’s a professional model who was working at the convention, not just a fan. There’s also Tamara as a female Demon Hunter, and Christina returned in her 2010 winning female Monk costume. Another female DH is visible in the group shot, but she does not have her own gallery. A sample of the shots are below, and you can see more, plus 100+ other Diablo cosplay shots in our image gallery.

Also, Gnews covered the costume contest, with pictures of all the finalists. (For background info, check out TDP #6 when I interviewed Ryithos about what it’s like to cosplay at Blizzcon and to walk on stage as a finalist in the costume contest.)

Sadly, there’s not a Diablo costume among this year’s finalists, but the winners were worthy. Third place is kind of meh, but the second place WoW Paladin costume is great, and the winner, some kind of funky robot from SC2, is amazing. I thought her whole face was a plastic mask from the photos, but in the video you can see her smiling and her cheeks and lips moving under face paint when she’s talking to Jay Mohr. That just makes it more impressive, in my book.

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  1. JoJo Tyreal doesn’t look like Tyreal, female form is not ok despite the fact she looks hot.
    The winner should’ve been T2 Judgement Paladin though, it looks way more superior.

  2. I don’t think the costumes were that good this year. The winner was excellent but the rest I thought we were not up to last year’s standard. The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter which is in that shot I though twas excellent and she should have won something.

  3. Totally awesome winner. #2 was pretty cool aswell. #3 was allright.
    That demon hunter from the picture did less for me.

  4. The adjutant was pretty impressive. She also seemed to have a great personality. I wonder what she looks like with out the costume.


    Correction:  This is a common misconception, but Jo-Jo was *NOT* hired to be a model at Blizzcon. Her bf works for Blizzard and she actually is just a fan who goes every year and makes her own costumes like everyone else. In fact there are progress pictures of her making the Tyrael costume here:

  6. Female Monk is best imho.

  7. Cool costumes..but I prefer something simple. adventure and arcade games

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