Blizzcon 2011 Black Soulstone Cinematic Panel

The final Diablo III panel of Blizzcon 2011 was all about the making of DiabloWikithe Black Soulstone cinematic. The panel featured seven people from the cinematic team all with different job responsibilities, and it was a very informative session. You can watch the whole hour-long panel now, right on top of our Diablo Wiki article on the panel. That article has a lot more than just the video, of course. I typed it in real time, went back to edit and fix it up later, and inserted a ton of screencaps taken right from the high quality live stream.

There are 70 screenshots from the panel on that wiki article, and most of them are 1600×800 or larger, giving a far better view than you’ll get from the YT video. Lots of cool stuff was shown, including numerous new pieces of concept art for DiabloWikiLeah, DiabloWikiAzmodan, and numerous assorted demons.

Check it out; a few of the pics from the page are sampled below.

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    21 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2011 Black Soulstone Cinematic Panel

    1. Of course they settled on the most ridiculous looking Azmodan, instead of the perfectly fine concepts they had available.

      • I tend to be really grumpy… but this time I have to disagree. I think his design is perfect. The other ones were great too but they didn’t fit the Lord of Sin. They looked more like I would expect a regular monster or a mini boss to look.

      • I disagree too. The shark head thing? Gimme a break! Thats a monster, not a demon. The evil angel concept was fairly generic, but they could have went somewhere with it. Oh yeah, gotta remember this: he’s the Lord of Sin. They did fine. Hell no, they did amazing.

    2. If they had turned that art into the final version, you would have been complaining that he looks too human and that a demon lord should look…well…demonic.

      • The difference between the concept art and the final 3D version is the color and the face. And the face looks decidedly more human in the concept! He looks like a crafty, malevolent villain.

    3. I really like the final concept of Azmodan. It stays true to the insect-like features that define most of the evils. Also the bloated figure, numerous ornaments (nipple rings, jewellery, etc.) sort of bring out the “Lord of Sins” idea. In all, a very good rendition. 

      And IMHO, the shark-crap and the other humanoid form didn’t seem Diablo.

      • Yeah you’re right fat demons are what makes a Diablo game a Diablo game. That’s why there was only 1 in the first Diablo, 3 in Diablo II(including expansion), and 50 in Diablo 3.

        And insect-like features that define most of the evils? What Diablo game did you play?

          • You have to understand that Septar is a super grumpy individual who comes to these sites to rip on a game he is going to play anyway.

            • Yeah I can’t have standards for a game I want to enjoy I can only simply praise every single aspect of it.

        • Duriel and Baal had insect lower bodies. Andariel had arthropod appendages coming out her back. What game did you play?

          And I suppose someone could argue that Mephisto looked insect-ish – although I’d say he looks more like a warped skeleton with snake stuff.

          Blizzard tends to associate insects, crabs, snakes and dragons with evil. (The evils were once the heads of a dragon, we were just told.) Kamsotz was spot on with saying this stuck largely to the tradition.

          That said, I personally don’t care much for this tradition as it seems a bit cliché 50s monster-movie-ish. I thought the concepts were cool, especially the boss with the split-apart human face. That might be better for Belial, though.

          • Jointed legs are characteristics of arthropods, arthropods are not exclusively insects. Duriel does have an insect lower body but he does not define most of the evils.

            The power of education.

        • What’s not insect-like about Duriel? What’s not insect-like about Baal? Heck, the entire catacomb was teeming with spiders… and Andariel was a frickin’ spider-woman! So yes, as my statement says, the Evils were primarily characterised by insect-like features! Avarice, Greed, Gluttony all lead to someone becoming bloated and fat! I think Azmodan’s “Sins” are depicted well in this way. The jewellery accentuate it and complete the package. 

          I’ve played both Diablo I and Diablo II. I may not be a well-known ladder character who knows the game mechanics inside out but I’m not a nincompoop to not notice what’s right in front of me!

    4. I always thought Azmodan looked fitting because he appears to fit all of the seven deadly sins. If he’s going to represent Sloth and Gluttony then of course he’s going to be fat.

      His speech was very prideful… it all works nicely.

    5. I like the Azmodan they ended up with, its not too powerfull in a way he could be de prime evil.But he looks important enough to be a lesser evil, nos just another demon!
      Really looking forward for moarrrrrr!

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