A few interesting pieces from around the internet, relating to D3 beta and/or D3 at Blizzcon.

    Today’s The Daily Blink lists their top 20 things to do at Blizzcon, most of which entail sewing chaos and discord. Hard not to approve of that! Click the thumbnail to the right to see the whole list.

    The Escapist has a column about Diablo 3’s online-only play restriction. I think the guy doesn’t like it, though the column doesn’t actually express any firm opinions. There are a lot more complaints than compliments, at any rate.

    IGN’s Five Reasons to Look Forward to Blizzcon 2011 seems like it agrees with our new vote, but across all the Blizzard franchises. Their expectations include SC2 MP changes and “teases of new franchises” even though we know Titan won’t be revealed. Feel the EXCITE! Also, “More Diablo III.”

    GamaSutra pulled their top 25 quotes from developers at the GDC panels, and included two from Bliz dudes.

    “If you don’t make it fun in the first three minutes, you’ve failed.”
    -Blizzard SVP of creative development Chris Metzen on engaging your players through proper storytelling.

    “You click through everything until it explodes with blood and treasure.”
    -Blizzard’s Kevin Martens’ mantra for the upcoming Diablo III. He, along with several other writers and designers, provided a fast and off-the-cuff talk about their inspirations and what makes a great gaming moment.

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