Blizzard have revealed the schedule of events for the two days of this year’s Blizzcon.  You’ll want to start with the opening ceremonies, where they will most likely reveal the DiabloWikififth character. That’s how they did it with the DiabloWikiWizard in 2008 and the DiabloWikiMonk last year, at least.

    Immediately after that the Diablo III goodness starts with an hour of Diablo III Gameplay where they will showing off the new build and information.  There’s nothing else scheduled for Diablo III that day but the next has an hour long session named Crafting Sanctuary. I had originally jumped to the conclusion this was about crafting (wishful thinking perhaps) but as Ninyu pointed out it’s more likely about building the world of Sanctuary.  Later that day is an Open Q&A on the main stage.  We can hope for additional information from this as there will be questions about newly revealed information, however, there’s usually a fair few questions for which a lot of you already know the answers. 

    Blizzard has posted the panel descriptions on their Blizzcon site. Only 2 Diablo III panels for the “biggest Diablo 3 Blizzcon ever” is disappointing.

    Diablo III Gameplay
    Friday 12pm, Main Stage
    What’s in store next for the heroes of Sanctuary? Learn about the latest game developments in this don’t-miss panel for Diablo players.

    Diablo III: Crafting Sanctuary
    Saturday 10:30am, Developer Panel Stage
    The designers, artists, programmers, and writers share new information on the characters, creatures, game systems, and story of Diablo III.

    Diablo III Open Q&A
    Saturday 3pm, Main Stage
    Got a burning question about the Burning Hells? The development team dedicates an hour to audience questions about the story, design, art, sound, and gameplay of Diablo III.

    Blizzard posted the full schedule in a squint-tastic, image as well. Click through to view it at a larger, almost-legible size.

    You can check out last year’s open audience Q&A in our Diablo 3 You Tube channel, if you want a preview of what this year’s may be like:  (Part One, Part Two, Part Three & Part Four).

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