It’s been a few days since we saw a fresh D3 interview from Blizzcon. I’d hoped that there were some more yet to arrive, fansites that hadn’t typed up their transcripts or the like, and today brings just such a treat. Via BlizzPlanet, it’s an interview with Art Director DiabloWikiChristan Lichtner and Lead World Designer DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky, which covers a lot of territory. The only really *new* thing in it is the info that there will be no arrows/bolts to buy/use in D3. There were none at Blizzcon, but many had speculated that was just temporary. Apparently not.  The interview also covers itemization, randomized outdoor environments, the DH’s resource, PvP Achievements, and Monster AI.

    The interview is in a conversational format, so there are some follow up questions and elaborations. Read the whole thing; here’s a quote, and thanks to Moonfrost for the tip.

    Can NPCs use the dynamic environment against the players?

    There are some events that do that but they tend to be specially crafted to allow that to happen. Generally skeletons won

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