PC Gamer has posted a nice write-up of the Blizzcon 2010 Diablo III experience. The article mixes PvM and PvP demo reports with panel quotes and Diablo III development history and provides a nice general gaming audience preview. There’s no *new* info, but it’s a good read, despite a few assertions with a slightly wobbly connection to the truth.

    Thanks to Fmulder for the tip, and here’s a quote:

    The Demon Hunter makes us all the more keen to try the singleplayer/co-op demo, because for the first time, all of the game?s five classes are ready to test. This playable slice of Sanctuary is devastatingly smart and seriously slick. You begin in a dungeon and within seconds you?re screaming through demons. The Demon Hunter multishot skill quickly proves its worth. Demons in Diablo don?t come singly, or in pairs. They come in vast hordes. Casters at the back, shackled to pets. Ranged attackers lobbing fireballs and pyroblasts in the centre, creeping up, taking a shot, then pulling back. Creepers and melee at the front. They scuttle forward, take a swipe and then pause, stupid enough to give the player a chance to kill them, vicious enough that if you?re cornered, you?ll need to spam a Fan of Knives.

    The most interesting thing about the article are the images. Perhaps PC Gamer is bitter about missing out on the first or second DiabloWikiArt Controversy, since either they’re trying to create a third, or someone’s cat leapt onto the hue/saturation slider while they had the screenshots open in Photoshop. The pair of Highlands Passage shots on the first page look like they were taken underwater, and the various shots from the Halls of Agony are practically orange. One comparison of the PC Gamer shot to the original image can be seen below; click through for a few others.

    Three more shots from PC Gamer, showing off the extreme color saturation they added. Click them to see them much larger, for the full comparison.

    While we’re looking at modified screenshots, here’s one I made just for fun, by tweaking the levels and other settings to cut through the hazy rain and mist, and show the waterfall and bridge and stream more clearly. I was amazed at how much better the shot looked, so I saved it and now everyone can see. Click it for much larger. Original is here.

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