The first images from Blizzcon 2010 are beginning to appear on the intertubes.  Four so far, two showing goodie bag contents, one with the all important snack van that travels up and down the ticket queue selling sustinance and another of the large queues.  The goodie bag contains an authenticator, a toy Dethling, trial edition of Starcraft II, a free Murloc Marine Starcraft II portrait and a World of Warcraft pet, Deathy. Not much Diablo goodness you’ll agree.

    Telling was the lack of beta key card for a future beta test which usually features as a giveaway in the bags.  Does that suggest there will be no Blizzard beta tests until after next year’s Blizzcon?

    Hit ‘Read More’ button for all the eye candy and watch a video of the unbagging.



    These have been added to the Blizzcon 2010 Gallery.

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    What do you think of the swag so far?

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