Lots of fairly low quality ninja videos of the D3 demo machines from Blizzcon are popping up online. Whether they’re worth watching is debatable; there’s no game sound, the visuals are blurry and from weird angles, and they show just a few seconds of action. Compared to the gameplay moviegameplay movie they’re horrible. But if you want to see the interface and item, skill, trait, and monster hover info, or just feel more of what it’s like to actually play the game, you might want to check some out.

    The following movies came from Zediono’s post in the forums.

    The best of the lot is this one; it’s a bunch of short clips squeezed into one movie, but you see a lot of item hovers, a very quick look at some Traits, and miscellaneous gameplay action.

    Click through for several more embedded. If you find any more that we don’t have posted yet, add the links to the forum thread or post them in comments here.

    Blurry footage of a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter player who has not yet discovered the mini-map feature.

    Blurry, 24 seconds of Demon Hunter footage.

    Very short video.

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