imageThe sale date for 2009 Blizzcon Tickets have been announced with plenty of heads up.  They will be on sale on Saturday, May 16.  Notice it is on a weekend—so that everyone has a chance to be online at the moment they go on sale.  Last year, 15,000 tickets were sold within 15 minutes causing a lot of angry fans to go Murloc-aggro on Blizzard.  Now you have plenty of time to prepare. The tickets will cost $125.

    A bit pricy, but worth every penny.  You get a swag bag with lot of goodies, including a Blizzcon card with a World of Warcraft pet code and a beta key.  Last year, Blizzcon 2008 attendees—including us—had the privilege to be among the first to play the Diablo III demo.  It is highly possible, attendees might be able to play it this year too.  (unconfirmed)

    Tickets to this year’s BlizzCon gaming convention, being held on August 21 and 22 in Anaheim, California, will go on sale worldwide on Saturday, May 16 for $125 each, with a second block of tickets going on sale Saturday, May 30. For those unable to attend, DIRECTV will once again be televising BlizzCon in high definition as a Pay Per View event, featuring coverage from the show floor, exclusive interviews, demos, and more.

    In addition, for the first time, players around the world will be able to watch the DIRECTV BlizzCon event as a Pay Per View Internet stream. Check out the press release ( ) for further details, and head over to http://www.blizzcon.com on May 16 or May 30 to buy your tickets.

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