BlizzCon 2009 Contests Opened

The BlizzCon Movie, Original Song, and Fan Art contests are now open, together with registrations for the costume, sound-alike and dance contests we will see live at the actual event of people with way more exhibitionism than skill (just kidding, some are truly amazing).

The movie, song and fan art contests close 24th July 21:00 in central Europe, 20:00 UK time, 15:00 New York and 12:00 in Los Angeles.

You can head over here to register or submit an entry.

For some inspiration, check out BlizzCon 2008 dance contests! Part 1 & 2 below:


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  1. Actually, I did that shot, according to the wiki image page history.

    Though I suppose I might have seen the cropped version in a forum post and grabbed it from there? Not that it really matters…

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