BlizzCon 2009 Art Panel Videos

There have been a lot of requests for video of the Diablo 3 Art Panel from BlizzCon 2009. It’s not been posted anywhere before, so we tracked down the footage and we have now added it to IncGamers TV. The panel is split into two segments due to its length so check out BlizzCon 2009 Art Panel Part 1 and BlizzCon 2009 Art Panel Part 2 now on IncGamers TV.

We also posted a full transcript as soon as the panel finished so you can also look back at that for further reference.

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1 thought on “BlizzCon 2009 Art Panel Videos

  1. This stuff is way better than a whole class anouncement imo. Gem find and rune find, merc’s (you just KNOW they’re going to let us gear them up better the way they answered it), gigantic stash, archer announcement next year, holy crap.

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