BlizzCon 2008 Online and Live Contest Submissions

Blizzard have announced that they are accepting entries for the competitions that are to be held at BlizzCon next month, so be sure to register if you want to take part! We’ll be there to film the ones that take place at the event, like the dance and costume contests, make sure you catch them here if you can’t make it to Anaheim, or can’t afford (or refuse) the DIRECTV feed.

We are now accepting entries for our BlizzCon online contests, including our Diorama, Motivational Poster, and Movie contests. Whether you have tickets to BlizzCon or not, your application is welcome. Simply fill out the Submission form and be prepared to demonstrate your creative talents! For more contest information visit our BlizzCon Contests page.

For those BlizzCon attendees looking to show off graceful dance moves, fill the convention center halls with laughs, or come dressed as your favorite Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo characters, the Submission form for all applicants is now available! For more contest information visit our BlizzCon Contests page.

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