Today Bashiok broke the news that Blizzcon 2008 goodie cards would not get you into the D3 beta, even if you saved one without scratching off the code all this time.

    This is a general reminder that the beta key granted through the BlizzCon 2008 ‘goody bag’ card was for the StarCraft II beta only, and is not redeemable for Diablo III.

    It was incorrectly rumored that it was a ‘general use’ beta key, redeemable for any beta, and so some held onto it to redeem later. Unfortunately that rumor was incorrect, the key is not general use, and was only usable for the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta.

    We apologize for the confusion surrounding the intent of the key and appreciate your understanding.

    I did not save my card from Blizzcon 2008 (I gave it to an old friend who wanted the WoW pet from it.) but the wording was vague about which beta it would get you into, and there wasn’t any hint of an expiration date. Here’s the quote from the WWI 2008 cards (Tyrael mini-pet FTW!) I still have lying around, which was identical to the Blizzcon 2008 card, as best I can recall.

    As a thank you or attending the 2008 Worldwide Invitational, Blizzard Entertainment would like to present you with two exclusive gifts: A new pet for your World of Warcraft character and entry into the beta test for a future Blizzard title.

    There were two codes, one for the pet and one for the beta, and the pet code is valid forever until used, but the beta codes were only good for the next/upcoming Blizzard beta. That was semi-officially said/known at the time, but as you can see from the wording on the card, that’s in no way made clear. Hence the confusion!

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