Wired (Game|Life) scored an interview with DiabloWikiRob Pardo who confirmed Diablo III will feature the anti-hack software from World of Warcraft known as DiabloWikiWarden, except it will be adapted specifically for Diablo III.  Pardo mentioned other measures will be taken to prevent hacking by means of third-party software.

    Another question pitched at the Vice-president of Game Design was if Diablo III would include DRM to prevent piracy. Wired specifically compared Spore’s silly DRM as a reference point. Pardo explained that DiabloWikiBattle.net is their most effective DRM to prevent piracy of Blizzard games.

    There are no plans to use Steam to distribute Blizzard games. Battle.net will continue to be Blizzard’s Steam-equivalent. Any new enhancements on DiabloWikiBattle.net 2.0 will address certain plans and challenges for download distribution.

    For lore fans who read the Diablo: The Sin War trilogy, it seems Pardo slipped acknowledgement that there are other worlds out there. DiabloWikiTrag’Oul was halted from helping the inhabitants of DiabloWikiSanctuary by other guardians such as himself who were watching over other worlds. They warned Trag’Oul the fate of Sanctuary would affect or benefit the fate of other worlds. So if you thought this was a Heaven vs Hell conflict with Sanctuary in the middle of the sandwich, you are wrong. There are more worlds than meet the eye.

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