DiabloWikiBashiok has provided us with a few corrections/clarifications to our original Diablo III Hands-On Demo Impressions article. These are in addition to his earlier correction to the effect that items will not have any attribute requirements in Diablo III.

    1. The mini-map displayed yellow dots and you could see the name by placing your cursor over. Do only DiabloWikiNPCs show up in the mini-map?

    Bashiok: Enemies don’t display on the map. What they saw were NPC’s.

    2. Are attribute requirements in items gone, or do weapons and armor still require x amount of strength and/or dexterity?

    Bashiok: There are no planned attribute requirements on items.

    3. Is the big overlay map option returning?

    Bashiok: We have some various thoughts for map options, none have been decided on or announced at this point.

    4. Now that we are traveling throughout DiabloWikiSanctuary, will each region have a map, and will we be able to zoom out and see the whole continent? (like we do Azeroth -> Eastern Kingdoms -> Elwynn Forest).

    Bashiok: See above.

    5. On the character window there are five resistances: frost, fire, lightning and poison. What’s the yellow icon representing?

    Bashiok: I believe it goes frost, fire, lightning, poison, arcane. The yellow one being arcane

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