The latest Blizzcast has appeared and it’s a long one.  At around 66 minutes long they pack a great deal into it. Firstly, an interviewwith Monte Krol, Lead Tools Programmer for WoW, an interview with Sam Didier, more commonly known as Samwise, Senior Art Director and Dustin Browder, Lead Designer, Starcraft II. But of most interest to us is the interview with DiabloWikiAnthony Rivero, who is Senior Character Artist Diablo on III. To round it all off a Q&A Session with devs from all three franchises. DiabloWikiJay Wilson fields the Diablo 3 questions for us.

    If you don’t have time to read the entire transcript, Diablo 3 in brief is:

    The Fan Q&A with DiabloWikiJay Wilson offers details of the DiabloWikielixirs, special random DiabloWikideath animations, and the full-screen map overlay.  Two Diablo III questions from IncGamers fans (Diii.net and Blizzplanet) were answered; so check them out. Congratulations to Immelmann and Sly_dawg19 who submited the questions to us. We forwarded them to Bashiok for this BlizzCast 6 Q&A session.

    • DiabloWikiElixirs are rare drops, not obtainable from vendors. They add special buffs for certain tough encounters.
    • DiabloWikiDeath Animations will be implemented through a check system where each boss checks your low health stats and randomly decides what type of animation set will be used. The Diablo III team is still jamming ideas about how to implement this system, and what kind of cool death animations to do or if they should at all.
    • Thus far there are no plans for a full-screen DiabloWikimap overlay. However, some ideas are being discussed.

    Here’s the Diablo 3 content, which appeared at the end of the podcast. Click through to read the earlier WoW and SC2 content.

    Bornakk: In our last segment of the Q&A session we have our Diablo 3 Game Direct Jay Wilson. Welcome to the show Jay!

    Jay Wilson: Thank you very much.

    Bornakk: Our first question is from Vandro from Diablofans.com

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